Is Netflix or HBO Max better? Which one to hire?

Netflix HBO Max

There are many streaming platforms available from which we can choose, among which we can hire. But, which one is better or which one offers us more options? Although there are many, two have been among the most popular for years: HBO Max or Netflix, which is better? Which one to hire? Which one offers us more content or better plans and monthly or annual prices? Which one suits us? We compare them so you can see the different options.

If you are going to hire HBO Max or Netflix, we should take into account their monthly or annual price as well as the maximum quality offered by each of them. Which one has more series or movies, which one offers child profiles or what is the interface like.

plans and prices

netflix has three different plans with monthly payment, without annual payment option. There are three different plans that offer us different quality and whose main difference is the number of screens that we can use simultaneously to view the content. The plans are Basic, Standard or Premium with prices of 7.99 euros, 12.99 euros or 17.99 euros depending on the quality or the number of screens. Netflix has three plans: basic, standard, and premium. The basic plan is priced at 7.99 euros with a single screen, a single device with downloads and SD quality, minimum quality. The Standard Plan is priced at 12.99 and allows two devices simultaneously and two to have downloads on in addition to having HD quality. Finally, the Premium Plan allows up to four screens, four devices with downloads and maximum 4K or Ultra HD quality.

No annual payment option but only monthly payments between the three different plans that allow us more or less quality, more or less reproductions.

hbo max It only has a single price that is paid month by month or in a single annual payment. can we make a payment monthly of 8.99 euros per month without permanence and with the possibility of canceling whenever you want. Or, we can pay annually with a single payment every twelve months for only 5.83 euros per month if you pay in advance and stay for one year. In this case, we get a saving of 35% and we will have a price of 5.83 euros per month if we pay in advance.

The two plans are exactly the same and we can choose the one we want: we have the same screens, the same catalog or the same simultaneous reproductions.


Devices and compatibility

Both HBO MAX and Netflix are supported with virtually any deviceyes, we will have no problem watching the content on TV, on the mobile phone or on any other device. Both on mobile phones and tablets as well as set-top boxes, such as televisions or consoles.

netflix is ​​supported with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, with Samsung or LG Smart TVs, among others. In addition, it is compatible with decoders such as Orange TV or Vodafone TV as well as other devices or sticks such as Apple TV, such as Google Chromecast, such as Xiaomi Mi Box. We can see it from browsers on the computer, from Android “box”, etc.

developer: Netflix, Inc.

developer: Netflix, Inc.

Also HBO Max is compatible with all types of devices. We can download the application on Android, iOS or we can see it from the browser with an Internet connection. It is compatible with tablets and mobile phones, with Smart TVs from the main brands or with decoders from different operators, as well as sticks or devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

In terms of compatibility, both are practically the same and we will not have access problems from practically any device that we have.

Features and sessions

What are the characteristics of the different streaming platforms? That allow us? Downloads, simultaneous sessions or profiles that we can use in one or another option if we have a contracted plan.

Simultaneous sessions

The simultaneous sessions on Netflix are four in total depending on the plan we have. In the higher plan there will be four but in the lower ones there will be one or two depending on the one we have contracted. Four simultaneous screens that we can use from the different profiles. OR four devices where we can have downloads to view content offline on your phone or tablet.

HBO Max allows up to three simultaneous streams and has no device registration limit. We can see content on as many devices as we want but only from three at a time. Only three simultaneous devices with series and movies.

Remove titles from Continue Watching on Smart TV with Netflix


Both HBO Max and Netflix allow us the creation of profiles. In HBO Max we can have up to five user profiles that we can have registered with different playlists, different favorite content or viewing history. Five profiles on HBO Max that allow us to personalize ourselves with avatars and names so that each user can have them without depending on others.

HBO Profiles

on netflix We can also create profiles. Netflix allows the creation of five profiles in total and we can customize them with avatars. Each one has its own recommendations, viewing history, playlist, ratings and favorites. Each one has independent custom content.

cheaper netflix

In addition, both allow us to use a child profile with age restrictions and designed for the smallest of the house. Children’s profiles that allow the content shown to be only for children or adolescents and they cannot see adult content without knowing a PIN code with which to access other profiles.


Both allow downloads. We can download content on both HBO Max and Netflix to watch content offline if we are traveling or if we want to save data. Both one and the other allow content to be downloaded to mobile phones and tablets from the corresponding official application.

In HBO Max we can have up to thirty downloads at a time available simultaneously. Across all profiles and devices linked to the same account. Once we start playing we have up to 48 hours in total to play the content before it expires. Once expired we can renew or delete.

Also Netflix allows us download series and movies, although many more at the same time. We can have hat1 00 titles downloaded at a time regardless of their type or duration, as long as we take into account the space limitation. As in HBO Max, we have a limited amount of time to see the downloaded content, although it will depend on each one that it lasts more or less: some titles will expire after 48 hours and other titles will expire up to seven days later.

Netflix Downloads - Delete


The interface of both platforms is easy to use, comfortable, without complications in both cases. Once we enter the different profiles we can access the different categories: series, movies, originals, trends, recently added… both allow us to choose or filter by gender and we can access some categories such as action, animation, comedy, documentaries, drama, European, science fiction and fantasy, horror, for the whole family, reality, thriller.

HBO Max hubs

On Netflix we can also see the most watched series of recent times, we can access the different genres of the series and movies. We can watch dramas, documentaries, award-winning series, comedies…

Netflix Premieres

In both options we will see different rows in carousel format and with the thumbnails of the different series and movies. Within each one we can see some more details such as duration, gender or even the percentage of affinity of them.

Content and premieres

The main difference in the content beyond the content itself is the way to release series in one and the other. On Netflix, the series are released in a single batch of episodes. The season is uploaded to the platform in its entirety so we can see it in its entirety in a single afternoon. But on HBO Max this changes and the series are released every week with weekly premiere of each chapter, as we already remember what happened with Game of Thrones and as it still is today in all the others.

Regarding contentboth offer totally different series and totally different movies so comparing them can be tricky. There is not one better than another but they will offer different options to choose from. Among the most popular series on HBO Max we have Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, The Handmaid’s Tale. In addition to mythical films such as The Matrix or the DC Comics saga, as well as the entire Warner catalog, not only in cinema but also in series.

Game of Thrones

On Netflix we generally have more content. More series, more movies, more documentaries and more options to choose from. Many popular series like Stranger Things or some great hits of all time like The Squid Game or Money Heist or The Bridgertons with millions of views.

kids netflix

Which is better?

As usually happens in this type of comparisons it is difficult to choose which one is definitively better. It will depend on what we want, what we like, how much we want to pay or whether or not we want to share an account with someone else. Month after month HBO Max costs half as much as Netflix but offers totally different content. Both allow us maximum quality in 4K in some of their series and movies and both allow us to access cartoons for boys and girls.

Which to choose? It will depend on your tastes, the content you are looking for. The most advisable thing is to bet on the two options, share an account taking advantage of the simultaneous reproduction and taking advantage of the creation of profiles. We can share an account and access the series and movies from both platforms.