Is the Garmin Enduro 2 better than an Apple Watch Ultra? The brand boasts a battery

Apple Watch Ultra.

Last September 7 Apple introduced the world to the Ultra version of its smartwatch and he did it as he usually shows these things: making lots of partying and being aware that they will surely score again what is the yardstick in every moment. This means that some features that are presumed as if they were new have actually been on the market for a few months and even years. And Garmin, one of his competitors, has not cut a hair to remind him.

The autonomy of the Apple Watch Ultra

As we say, the Cupertino company showed the world what its new apple smartwatch focused on extreme sports and adventure will be like, boasting military certifications, resistance to water and dust, immersion capacity at depths of 100 meters, Titanium body with sapphire glass screen protectorall kinds of wireless, data and global positioning connections and, to top it off, announced incredible autonomy.

At that moment, everyone expected that the amount they would announce could be measured in many days, perhaps weeks, because those who go on an adventure with their backpack are usually away from a plug for a long time, but no, Apple offered practically as a milestone that its Ultra edition of the Apple Watch it would be able to stay on without having to recharge it for… 36 hours!! That is, a day and a half.

So as you can see just below in the tweet published by Garmin a few hours after the Apple keynote celebration, the response was forceful: «We measure battery life in months. Not in hours.” Zasca!


We measure battery life in months. Not hours. #Enduro2

September 13, 2022 • 8:31 PM



Garmin Enduro 2, load it and forget it

It is understandable that those brands that manufacture devices for a very specific segment of users feel threatened by the almighty force of Apple, which tends to turn everything it touches into success. But it is true that in this case, when someone opts for a smartwatch model to carry out adventures or extreme sports, they do not look so much at the appearance as that it really serves what they need. And the Garmin Enduro 2 is true that it has a much greater autonomy than that of Tim Cook’s device.

If the Garmin Enduro 2 can boast of up to 150 hours of autonomy (which means a little more than six days) it is because its main virtue is in its solar charging capacitywhich makes it easy for the very adventurous to have a power source always at hand to turn to when they are in the middle of the field, the mountain or the desert, without having to worry about having to find a plug as soon as possible.

Still, despite what Garmin claims, there are many asterisks in the phrase you use in the tweet. Because to those “150 hours of battery life in GPS mode with solar charge” we must add the possibility of extending that cycle up to “34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode”, so depending on the use that demos, so we can expect a shorter or longer charging cycle.

Be that as it may, it is obvious that Apple’s arrival in new markets makes you nervous those who lived peacefully until that moment. Don’t you think?