Is the iPhone 12 worth it in 2022? At this low price, yes!

iphone 12 front

The durability of the iPhone is one of the positive points that its users usually emphasize when it comes to defending them against their main competition. And it is undeniable that a well-cared for iPhone can last for many, many years. And they don’t go out of style as fast as other devices! The proof of this is the iPhone 12, which continues to be a powerful rival even in 2022.

You will find many people who, today, continue to carry their iPhone X. Those who went out there for 2017 and that, although today they have become obsolete with respect to the high-end, they continue to work very well! We could not recommend its purchase in 2022, since the chances are very high that it will be left behind in iOS updates soon. But it is true that there are many people who use them from that moment and still have good results.

The one we can recommend, and without a doubt, it’s the iPhone 12. It hit the market back in 2020, automatically becoming a bestseller. Not even the iPhone 14 has yet managed to outsell it. And, despite the fact that two years have passed since its launch, its specs they are still worth it.

The iPhone 12 is a very good option today

But why the phones of Manzana do they last that long? They are designed precisely for that. Although its cost is high, a phone like this guarantees a durability of more than two years. There are always exceptions, of course, but it’s the general rule. Even if you buy an older one, like the iPhone 12 that we bring you today.

In addition, after the iPhone 12, two models have arrived that have relatively few changes. On an aesthetic level, there will be little difference that you can find between this and his successors. It has a Super Retina XDR OLED screen of 6.1 inches whose quality will still surprise you.

As for the processor, it has an A14 Bionic chip inside that continues to give Very good results. You will be able to use any application, and even play quite heavy games, and you will not notice latencies at any time. After all, we are talking about a chip that contains a 16-core Neural Engine. It is not only fast, but also very efficient.

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The apple cameras They have never left anything to be desired. In this case, we are talking about a dual camera that includes a lens ultra wide angle. Thanks to this, and to the wide angle, it manages to capture up to a 27% more light. The photos you take will be incredible, even in the middle of the night.

The drums It doesn’t seem to have been a problem on this generation of iPhone, and it will get you through the day without having to use the charger. That is another advantage of getting a slightly older Apple phone: you already know if they have gone more or less well, and you can see the user experiences of those who have bought them. And this is always a big plus!

take advantage of the price drop Y get it for only €775. We are talking about the model you have 128GB of memory, so you have storage space to spare!