I’ve been saving these personal files in the cloud for years and you should too

cloud files

On many occasions we have told you about the importance of backup copies of our most important data. And we are not only talking about the operating system or the installed programs, but about all those important files for us that we must take special care of. We can store them on external hard drives, although recently the cloud.

We have at our fingertips a multitude of remote storage platforms in the cloud, many of them initially free. And we say initially because responsible companies like Google, drop box either microsoft They offer us a certain space on their servers at no cost. Later if we need to expand it, then that is when we will have to start paying. However, we must bear in mind that several gigabytes of storage are offered here, more than enough for most.

Hence the Backups of the data we consider most important in the cloud is spreading like wildfire. This is a more than interesting method to save those files that we do not want to lose in the event of a catastrophe on our computer. In addition, today we have the possibility of interacting with our content stored in the cloud, both from the corresponding browser and from the platform applications.

This way we can quickly and easily store and download all those files that we need. These storage spaces can be used to make backup copies or simply to free up space on local drives.

Important documents to save in the cloud

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that having several gigabytes available on a remote server will greatly help most people. And it is that on many occasions we save files corresponding to certain official documents and important in our computer. But we must bear in mind that at any time some type of serious failure can occur in the equipment that does not allow us to access these drives. All this could mean that we would lose those important files if we have not been farsighted enough.

That is precisely why the aforementioned platforms in the cloud can be of great help to us for these tasks that we are commenting on now. Next, we show you the documents that you should almost necessarily have saved as a cloud backup:

  • ID
  • Driving license
  • Social security card
  • Work contract
  • House deed
  • Curriculum vitae

Typically these are files that are either in the form of text file either image, we usually have saved on our PC. But it is recommended to create a folder and save a backup of all this for what may happen in the future on our computer. At the same time we must bear in mind that these files to which we refer hardly take up space, even if it is a high definition image. In turn, being in the cloud, we will have access to those files from any place or deviceyou never know when we may need them.

And that’s not all, since we also recommend storing other important documents in the cloud, such as the ones we mention below. Everything related to our work, personal photos, our own videos, and everything we consider important and that we should not lose would come into play here.