Japanese Rail Sim Journey to Kyoto: enjoy driving the subway, and at a discount!

Rail Sim 3D Tokyo.

There are genres within the world of video games that survive despite the years, decades, fashions and consoles and computers that come and go. They are unchangeable and are able to become strong thanks to the millions of players who seek to satisfy a hobby as deep-rooted as that of having a good game of football with the FIFA that he touches, for example, or to emulate train drivers and subway lines such as those of Japanese Rail Sim Journey to Kyoto.

A splendid real world

That business niche that is train and subway driving games have to Densha de Go! as one of the best known that has reached practically any console and computer over the last two and a half decades, which has not prevented other names from appearing with the intention of shaking up the hegemonic title. And one of them is this Japanese Rail Sim focused on the metropolitan lines that surround one of the largest and most populated cities in Japan that you surely remember from a 2014 version for Nintendo 3DS.

Now, and here comes the great difference of this title with respect to others that arrive similar, is that its creators have made an artistic decision that could shock at first but, as you play the games, it becomes more attractive: and that is that to show the scenarios the game does not use any 3D engine or anything similar and trusts everything to images recorded on the trains themselves with full HD quality. That is, 1920 × 1080 pixels of resolution.

The result is a general appearance of the game shocking, because where we look for the typical graphic elements of a 3D game we find a hyper-realistic window of the front of a subway car, specifically the one that the line operator drives, which quickly allows us to adapt the eye and feel the game as if It was a completely real experience.

Stop the subway correctly

Resorting to this technique from the 90s, where the full motion video (FMV) came thanks to the explosion of the CD-ROM format, it is a risky decision but one that suits him very well to this Japanese Rail Sim Journey to Kyotowhich on this occasion puts us at the controls of the Eizan train, one of the most visited tourist destinations by those who travel to Kyoto and that goes from the city itself to the nearby mountainous region, which will take us through landscapes as surprising as the Túnel del Arce.

Also we will have the entire route of the Kurama Line with all its stops that we must complete in the most precise way possible, always stopping at all stations and at the exact point that the game marks us, on pain of not passing the level. That is the key, that we can enjoy from a first-person perspective of the scenario moving in front of us, or in the background with the command control in the foreground to manage speed, braking and, above all, not to lose sight of the signals. that appear during the journey.

And if that was not enough, the game is on sale right now on Steam, and instead of the 49.99 euros that it usually costs, you can get it for only 17.99. Remember that you also have it on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.