Jazztel vs MásMóvil, best fiber rate and cheap mobile phone in June 2021

One notch beneath the premium provides of Orange or Yoigo, we discover the convergent proposals of Jazztel or MásMóvil. Here we keep away from extra providers that might make the bundle dearer, reminiscent of tv or mobile telephones, however the primary product reminiscent of fiber and mobile telephones will not be uncared for. What we aren’t going to seek out will not be limitless information both, however we insist that this isn’t your audience.

Jazztel vs MásMóvil

As is common, we’ll confront these two operators with their fiber and mobile charges via features reminiscent of fiber pace, fiber and mobile protection, gigas on the mobile to navigate and costs. Let’s go there!

Fiber and mobile protection

The Most Mobile Group has an settlement with Orange to entry each your mounted community and your mobile community. In the final settlement, they agreed to increase the wholesale agreements on Orange’s Fiber-to-Home (FTTH) community by MásMóvil no less than till 2030 or to increase the National Roaming Agreement (NRA) that regulates MásMóvil’s service providing on the Orange’s mobile community till 2028. In addition, they entry the 5G deployment carried out by Orange.

fiber deployment orange

For all this, with some exceptions, we face related protection in the sector of fiber and mobile. The massive distinction is that MásMóvil can entry 5G protection whereas, for the second, Orange has not granted this energy to Jazztel or to some other model in the group past the primary model.

Fiber pace

Here we now have one other technical tie since each provide two fiber choices, having the ability to select a 100 Mbps symmetric connection or a 600 Mbps symmetric connection. On landlines, Jazztel provides limitless calls to landlines and mobiles, whereas MásMóvil permits limitless calls to landlines, however solely 60 minutes to mobiles.

Mobile information

We started to seek out the primary vital variations in charges. These are the choices provided by each operators relating to mobile strains:


  • Unlimited calls and 25GB
  • Two strains with limitless calls and 16GB to share


  • Unlimited calls and 25GB
  • Unlimited calls and 35GB

MásMóvil provides a second line free in each instances with limitless calls and 3GB to navigate, but it surely doesn’t permit information to be shared between each strains.

more mobile


Jazztel imposes a dedication to 12-month keep whereas at MásMóvil the dedication to remain is three months.


Finally, we now have to see the charges provided by every of the operators, both with 100 Mbps or with 600 Mbps of fiber pace:


  • Fiber 100 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 25GB per € 39.95
  • Fiber 100 Mbps + Two strains with limitless calls and 16GB to share for 39.95 euros
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 25GB for 47.95 euros
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Two strains with limitless calls and 16GB to share for 47.95 euros


  • Fiber 100 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 25GB per 39.90 euros
  • Fiber 100 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 35GB for 44.90 euros
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 25GB for 49.90 euros
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Unlimited calls and 35GB for 54.90 euros

In the 600 Mbps modalities we now have a promotion for which we can pay the value of 100 Mbps throughout the first three months.