Keep tabs organized in Firefox with these extensions

Best Firefox Extensions to Manage Tabs

Despite the fact that Chrome is the most used browser, many users prefer to do without it and opt for open source alternatives such as Firefox. The Mozilla browser also has among its features the possibility of adding extensions with which to increase its functionality. With them we can, for example, optimize the use we make of open tabs.

It is common that when using Firefox to browse the Internet we have a good number of open tabs, a way of having all kinds of information at hand. However, abusing them can end up with everything out of control and end up becoming a problem. In addition to the confusion that it can create when browsing, we must add the increase in resources that this causes.

That is why we are going to review different add-ons that we can use in Firefox that will help us manage them so that having them all open does not pose a problem.

Auto Tab Discard, freeze tabs you don’t use

This extension aims to be able to speed up the browser, as well as minimize memory usage. To do this, it takes care of pausing or freezing those that we are not using after a certain period of time, which we can configure from the toolbar menu. This way they will still stay in the tab bar, but by staying in the background it will no longer use resources.

Therefore, it is ideal for freeing up the browser’s resources, allowing it to perform tasks more quickly. We will can designate tabs for specific websites so that a “white list” is included, so that they will never be discarded and we will always have them active when we click on them. Likewise, we can also create a list with which we want them to always be automatically discarded. Those that we decide to discard can be kept after having closed, so they will be available again once we open the browser again.

When a “sleeping” tab is restored all the information it contains remains intact, with the same scroll position or the content of the text boxes. Also note that when we dismiss a tab, it pauses so no JavaScript code or dom event is active. In addition, it has the possibility that it only runs when we use the battery of our laptop. we can install it from the Mozilla add-ons page .

Auto Tab Discard
Auto Tab Discard
Developer: Richard Neomy

OneTab, turn tabs into an organized list

If you’re having trouble organizing your tabs, this plugin can turn them all into a list. So when we need to access them again, we can restore them individually or all at once. In this way, we will not only have them organized in a list, but we will also be able to save memory and CPU use by not being open but saved in the background. However, we will lose the information about the tabs that we have saved, such as their navigation position or partially filled data fields. It does not do it automatically, but we must click on its button established in the search bar.


Once we press it, the entire set of tabs moves to a single one, remaining in list form, affecting only the current Firefox window, so it is a very interesting feature. In the event that we open more in the same window, if we press the OneTab button again, they will be saved in the same group within that page, divided according to what we have saved. It is also possible to send tabs to OneTab using the right button. We can send only the current one, all except the current one or send from all the windows that we have open.

Its main drawback is that we cannot do automated backups either in the cloud or offline. We can install OneTab for free in our Firefox browser.

Developer: One Tab Team

Tree Style Tab, manage them in tree format

This add-on is a little different from the ones seen previously, since it manages the tabs in a tree format, completely reorganizing the entire window. In this case, it does not suspend them, but it is a different way of navigating between them, for which we will only have to click on its enabled button in the address bar. This opens a navigation pane that shows all the tabs that we have open, highlighting the current one with a blue border to facilitate its location. It is useful, but it may take some time to get used to it, a matter of practice.

Tree Style Tab

Each tab that we open will be located at the top of the tree, and each new one that we open later from that web page appears as a child of that one, just below. This allows us to know where each one originated so we can have them organized more easily. By default, they will be placed in the visible area on the left side, although we can change it to the right side if we wish. If we click on the extension icon it will show us the whole tree.

As we can see, this is certainly an interesting and useful add-on for Firefox if what we want is to have all the tabs well organized. We can install Tree Style Tab from the Mozilla website.

Tree Style Tab
Tree Style Tab
Developer: Piro (piro_or)

Multi-Account Containers, organize them in vaults

Now we talk about a complement that is especially privacy-focused and that it has different forms of use. Once let’s install the extension, we can access it by clicking on its button that will be located in the address bar and edit its vaults. From here we can change its colors, icons and name, as well as open a new vault tab.

Multi Account Containers

Are vaults or trunks are the interesting part of this extension because each one acts as if it were an independent browser but within the same window. Any data it contains such as cache, local storage or cookies is not shared with other vault tabs. Among the uses that we can give it is to log in with two different accounts from the same provider, avoid leaving traces of social networks on other websites, as well as separating work and personal tasks. And all this with the possibility of opening as many trunks as we want.

Once we have a tab open in a vault, its address bar shows the container that tab resides in. Once we have several tabs open in different containers will be sorted by color so that we can easily identify them. In short, this is a complement with which to manage both our browsing habits and our tabs.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers
Firefox Multi-Account Containers
Developer: Mozilla Firefox

New Tab Override, change the new tab page

Mozilla removed the default option to change the address that opens when we open a new tab page in the browser. This extension for Firefox that allows us override new tab page, allowing us to take control over it again. We can configure it for just about anything we need each time we open it, like setting it up with any website, customizing the background, or even storing a local HTML file in the extension and using it for your content.

New Tab Override

You can also customize where new tabs open, set focus on the address bar or the website itself, and even have the address bar automatically include “Http://” if missing in a URL. This plugin allows you to access the configuration interface using the shortcut “Shift + F12”.

The extension requires multiple permissions to work properly, some are required like accessing browser history, accessing tabs, or reading and modifying browser settings, while others are optional. It’s easy to configure and it’s a relatively active project so there are frequent updates with improvements and new features. We can download from Mozilla website.

New Tab Override
New Tab Override
Developer: Sören Hentzschel

Tab Session Manager, save and restore tabs

There are times when it can be interesting to be able to open multiple tab groups at once quickly, so Tab Session Manager can be very useful. This plugin takes care of saving and restoring the state of various windows and tabs. For this reason, we will be able to configure different navigation templates so that we can access each other, offering compatibility with automatic saving and synchronization in the cloud.

Tab Session Manager

It also allows us manage sessions with names and labels, and configure settings to change how the Open button works. For example, so that the current window is loaded replacing the current tabs or added to the current window. The search bar can be used to quickly find a session in case we remember the open tab. In addition, its interface has other options such as classifying the list of sessions and displaying them based on certain conditions (when exiting the browser, automatic saving or regular saving).

In addition, Tab Session Manager is also available and is compatible with the extension for Chrome, which allows us to restore the session made in one browser in the other. We can download it for free by clicking on this link to your website.

Tab Session Manager
Tab Session Manager
Developer: sienori

Tab Manager Plus, organize tabs by group

It is a simple and useful complement that will help us to group and organize tabs, so that we can get a better overview of our screen. With it we will be able to filter tabs, move them and reorganize them, with the main focus based on speed so that we can always find the tab we are looking for immediately.

TabManager Plus

Simply choose a layout to see organize them by block, large block, horizontal or vertical groups, as well as give each group its own name and colors in ways that we can more easily identify them. also allows highlight duplicate tabs within the same group and use the search function to find a tab and see the results of the highlighted search in a group. we can install it for free from the Mozilla website.