Keep your house clean with these Yeedi robot vacuum cleaners on sale

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

It’s been a long time since vacuuming is no longer common in many homes because with the arrival of new technologies it now happens on its own. The robot vacuum cleaners They came into our lives to make it easier for us to clean our house and have been including new features that in some cases allow us to vacuum, mop and sweep with a single hybrid robot vacuum cleaner. What today is known as a 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that will prevent us from spending more time cleaning the house than doing activities that we really like and spending more time with our family.

Yeedi offers us a simplified and effortless approach to cleaning our home. Robot vacuum cleaners that are easy to use, intelligent and efficient so that we can relax while they take care of cleaning our house. In addition, now you can find several of their models on sale.

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

Thanks to this robot vacuum cleaner 3 in 1 we can vacuum, sweep and mop at the same time, since it has an intelligent opas system. An optimal solution for both dry and wet surfaces that has an integrated carpet detection sensor that recognizes them and avoids scrubbing them.

some of his salient features are the following:

  • Visual mapping so that not a single corner is left uncleaned.
  • Great suction power of 2500 Pa.
  • Voice control via app. Autonomy of 110 minutes.
  • Compatibility with the Yeedi automatic emptying station.

The Yeedi Vac Hybrid robot vacuum is capable of clean even in the dark along an orderly and efficient path without knocking or leaving spills. In addition, its side brush and main rotating brush, combined with its incredible 2500 Pa suction They suck up dust and pet hair embedded in carpets and hard floors, offering a deep clean.

Through the application that we can install on our smartphone, we can establish virtual limits where we do not want the Yeedi Vac Hybrid robot to enter or choose a specific room or cleaning area. Thanks to what it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant It is also possible for the robot to start cleaning using voice commands.

Its usual price is 299.99 euros, but now you can get it for 209.99 euros, saving you a whopping 90 euros.

Yeedi K650

The Yeedi K650 robot is also capable of vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and mopping, thoroughly cleaning our home. It has an improved power system with up to 2000 Pa of suction, perfect for cleaning our carpets, reducing noise thanks to the 56dB in silent mode that can be compared to the operation of a microwave.

A highly recommended robot for all those who have pets at home, since Yeedi K650 has a multifunctional main brush and a new type of anti-tangle silicone brush that is capable of cleaning even the hairs that can get under our sofa.

yeedi k650

The battery offers a range of 130 minutes on a single charge and the device simultaneously plans a smart route for more efficient cleaning. Thanks to its gyroscopic sensors, it detects obstacles and avoids possible falls.

Furthermore, with the Yeedi’s app We can control the robot completely by selecting the cleaning modes or the level of suction power, at the same time that we can control it through voice commands, since it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its usual price is 199.99 euros, but now you can buy it for 139.99 euros saving 60 euros.