Last chance to get discounted NordVPN

Using a VPN on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV is almost an obligation today due to the different advantages they provide. This is where NordVPN shines, being probably the best tool for it. Now above is offer for Three Kings Day, so we can’t think of a better occasion to hire your service.

So you can save with NordVPN

Signing up for NordVPN costs less, but only temporarily. At this time you can take advantage of a 72% discount on the 2-year plan, being a more than interesting option with which to guarantee that you can enjoy the service for a fairly long time and paying less than normal.

And it is that paying only 2.92 euros per month for this rate it will allow you save almost 185 euros. And you must bear in mind that normally the subscription would cost you 10.54 euros per month, which is still very good, but it is considerably more expensive than this promotion.

What will you find on NordVPN?

If you decide to take advantage of this Christmas offer of NordVPN You will be able to access all the classic advantages that the connection via VPN offers, in addition to obtaining other benefits of its own that this tool brings.

The advantages of all VPNs

  • A major security and privacy in browsing thanks to the advanced network system used by VPNs unlike typical connections through only your WiFi router or mobile data.
  • Exclusive multimedia content from other territories and that now you can see as if you were in them. See for example the Apple TV + movie CODA exclusive to the United States or the ever-changing Netflix catalog in the different countries you are in.
  • In addition to the above, you will also have access to much other geoblocked content such as applications or websites that only allow access from a certain territory.
  • Buy for less money it is also possible with VPNs. And it is that, surprisingly, there are products such as air travel that are cheaper if bought from another country (even if it is exactly the same as you would buy from where you are).

Special benefits of NordVPN

  • High speed connection, given that NordVPN is the fastest VPN according to different independent analyzes or ourselves in tests that we have been carrying out over the years have certified. Bearing in mind that VPNs are already slower, keep in mind that NordVPN doesn’t slow down too much.
  • NordVPN has servers around the world. Specifically, there are more than 1,100 that it has distributed and to which you can connect safely in a few seconds.
  • Is multi platform, being available on both iPhone and iPad, Mac and even Apple TV. And if your ecosystem of products goes beyond Apple, you will be interested to know that Android and Windows also have an application.
  • Is the Most private VPN Thanks to its complex protection system that guarantees that you cannot be tracked, thereby protecting both those related to the websites you visit, personal data and even payment methods. Even NordVPN doesn’t store this information, as they have a strict zero logging policy.

  • NordVPN will prevents malware that could endanger the operation of your devices, alerting you if there is a malicious website or that of suspicions about it.
  • Is the one better value for money offers and more now being temporarily on sale. When you take into account everything it offers and how secure it is, even the VPNs that are offered “free” do not stand up to it.

Do we recommend it?

Weird would be that at this point we tell you that it is not worth it, but in case you doubted it: yes, we recommend NordVPN a lot. Its excellent functionality has earned it numerous compliments in the specialized press around the world, the most recent being its recognition as best VPN of 2021 in our ADSLZone Awards 2021.

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, NordVPN offers extremely intuitive applications, which is not at odds with being very complete. To this we add an excellent service from Nord Security, who are behind the development of this app and who will be able to solve all your doubts and possible incidents effectively.

Therefore, if you were already thinking of acquiring a VPN, this is the time. And, in the same way if you had not thought about it, now is a good opportunity to start testing the experience with NordVPN, being able to save more than considerable money thanks to the Three Kings Day offer.

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