Learn how to get Subway Surfers characters

Do you want to complete your mobile games 100% and discover everything it offers? This time we bring you all the tricks to get Subway Surfers characters.

We all start by downloading Subway Surfers to play something while we wait or pass the time. However, this amazing platform game has become the favorite of thousands of Android users. One of the attractions of this application revolves around the number of characters, so this time we will teach you how to get all Subway Surfers characters available.

What are the Subway Surfers characters for?

New players may not understand the usefulness of unlock all Subway Surfers characters. After all, they don’t offer different bonuses, skills, or game modes. The truth is that it is a purely aesthetic element. Like a kind of skins that seeks to identify more with the player, not to mention that it offers new challenges.

Remember those times when you stopped playing an amazing video game because it was so monotonous to use the same character throughout the adventure. Subway Surfers knows how to take advantage of the same gameplay to provide hours and hours of fun, including the variety of characters and new levels.

Some of the characters are seasonal specials, like Halloween or Christmas. So if you’re new and haven’t had a chance to get Subway Surfers characters that are no longer available, but that you always liked, this time you will learn how to unlock them.

Subway Surfers Characters

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How many characters are in Subway Surfers?

If we take into account the large number of characters that we can unlock while playing, it seems that this is the biggest challenge in the game. After all, there are more than 100 characters and counting, since new versions arrive with changes, improvements and additions.

However, most of the characters are limited access. While some are exclusive to certain parts of the world, others require payment to unlock. Likewise, it is still possible get Subway Surfers characters for free, to improve your experience while playing.

Each one requires specific actions or completed missions, but with some dedication and time, you will surely be able to get the 18 characters quickly.

How to unlock Subway Surfers characters?

If you still don’t have any new characters and you want to enjoy a different experience with this game, it’s time to get down to work, to get Subway Surfers characters. Some of these are easier to get than others, but there is always a way, and we’ll show it to you below.

free characters

Many of the characters you can get they are free, in the sense that you do not have to use real money to unlock them. However, the ones we are going to mention below do not require in-game money to obtain them either.

  • Jake: The first and main character of the game.
  • Boombot: You can get it by making a purchase in the store.
  • dino: Just by linking your Facebook account to the game, you can get this character.
Subway Surfers characters

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temporary characters

During certain holidays and special dates, it is possible get Subway Surfers characters. It should be noted that these will only be available for a short period, that is, until the end of the season. However, we can set the date of our device to certain days, to continue using them.

  • Tony: January 5. Available since 2013 and comes with a new skateboard, Liberty.
  • Carmen: January 30th. Available since 2013 and includes a new skateboard, Toucan.
  • Robert: February 28th. Includes the Kick-Off Skateboard.
  • Although March 1 doesn’t include any characters, it does offer the Chicky skateboard.
  • Kim: 5th of April. It comes with the Outback skateboard.
  • Harumi: May 4th. Includes Fortune skateboard.
  • nick: May 30. Also unlocks the Flamingo skateboard.
  • Zombie Jake: October 3.
  • Elf Tricky: December 1st. In addition, it comes with the Starboard skateboard.

Secret codes to unlock characters

All video games, regardless of the console they belong to, have cheats or codes that will allow us to enjoy exclusive content. Subway Surfers is no exception. Although there are not many, right away we will show you some of the characters you can getby means of codes.

  • MissMaiaGP: You can get Miss Maia.
  • HappyHolidays2020: You unlock Mimi.
Miss Maya

Miss Maya

What about the other Subway Surfers characters?

Even if we leave out the premium characters, there are still several characters that we did not mention. This is because most of them are skins for the same character. For get Subway Surfers characters Sometimes event coins are needed, which we can obtain through missions.