LIDL lowers the price of this Moulinex grater by €54: almost for free!

moulinex vegetable grater

LIDL has decided to throw the house out the window with his offers, especially with some products related to the kitchen. In the case of this incredible Moulinex grater, fully electric and very powerful, its price has fallen by more than €50. It is an irresistible opportunity to get a high quality item!

To eat vegetable daily can become more complicated than it seems at first. Perhaps it will end up being monotonous for you to always choose the same vegetables, or always make the same recipes. The key to being able to eat healthy over time is none other than commit to innovation. Investigate new recipes, innovate in the kitchen and not be afraid to try.

To make this much easier, there is nothing like getting a electric vegetable grater. In this specific case, Moulinex is one of the most complete you will find on the market. Find out why!

The most complete and versatile Moulinex grater

Within the world of kitchen utensils, Moulinex It has become a brand that is almost a benchmark. This is because it offers very good quality products at a price quite competitive. However, with this offer the price is even lower. Because instead of costing €94, now this electric vegetable grater can be yours for only €39.99.

The first thing you should know about this tool is that it works connected to the electrical network, with which you will always have to use it next to a plug. It is very versatile, since it has five nozzles different that will allow you to obtain very different results. It has a fine grater, a coarse grater, a potato grater, a Parmesan grater and a fine cutter.

In this way, you can even make your own courgette pasta, so famous in the healthy recipes of Instagram and TikTok. Along with this, you can improvise everything you need. Having so many different functionalities, you will not find a problem when preparing disparate foods. You won’t be able to resist any type of vegetable, nor fruit or cheese. make your own Macedonia cutting the fruit very fine, or even a potato salad!

Take advantage of the LIDL offer: a great discount!

As for other more technical specificationsYou should know that this Moulinex grater has 200 W of power. It is powerful enough so that you can prepare any type of food without problems. To this we must add that it is made of plastic and that it can be wash with ease.

Both the weight and the measures They come to point out that it is a compact device. It weighs only 1.45 kg, and its measurements are 24.6 x 19.5 x 24.5 cm. This will allow you to easily store it anywhere whenever you are not working with it. With the nozzles the same thing happens: you can put them on and take them off quickly, wash them and even store them comfortably.

As we have pointed out, right now it can be yours for less than €40 despite the fact that it is usually around €100.