Like a streamer: HyperX gaming headset with 7.1 for €50

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There are opportunities that only happen once. An example of this are the headphones that we bring you here today: the HyperX CloudCore 7.1 from HyperX. And it is that in recent times we have been able to witness how this brand has been increasing its success in sales in all kinds of peripherals, and especially with regard to the gaming world. So much so that a large part of the streamers throughout the world have this remarkable and successful model. Well, today it has a great offer thanks to El Corte Inglés. Let’s see what it’s all about!

A world in your ears with these HyperX

Since this model arrived on the market has done nothing but take over the top sales. It must be for a reason, right? Its price is already relatively good, but with an offer it competes with the heavyweights in the industry such as Logitech, for example. What do these Cloud Core stand out for?

First of all, because of its design. It is the most gaming and hooligan at the same time. Are from diadem, and in a way, they are reminiscent of typical aviator headsets, with that very vertical cup. And it is that the physical appearance is very striking in these great HyperX.

But without a doubt, what stands out the most is for its sound and quality offered. As you may well have read in the headline, it is a 7.1 sound, which means that it is surround. When you put them on, the sound will catch you from every possible angle, as if you were in a cinema with many speakers around your head.

To do this, it plays with the positional audio through the sound card and the Cloud Core digital signal processing, which is where the brand has gotten the name of these great headphones.

In addition, it has a box of advanced audio control box via USB: most powerful and easy to use. You can access the volume of the microphone, the headphones, or mute them without having to do it on the computer. Very useful if you are playing or doing any other task and you don’t want to minimize the computer.

The inner cups are made with memory foam so you can wear the HyperX for hours on end in as much comfort as possible. Plus, those on the other side of the screen will hear you as if you were right next to them: the noise-canceling microphone and Discord and TeamSpeak certification.

All this connected through a jack 3.5mm That makes it compatible for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation… But at what price?

Great offer at El Corte Inglés

Getting hold of these HyperX Cloud Core is cheaper than ever. If they usually have a price of 79.99 eurosnow they can be yours for only €49.99. 37% off! A very good offer of which we leave you the purchase link below: