Manage, customize and upload your own emblems on Twitch


When subscribing to a Twitch channel we’ve got to pay a month-to-month quantity in trade for receiving quite a lot of completely different advantages. Among them, we acquired the subscriber emblem that you’ve beforehand created the content material creator. If you’re a content material creator on Twitch, you may handle the emblems from your web page or profile and thus select which icon your subscribers obtain relying on the time they’ve been following you and as a “prize” to distinguish essentially the most loyal of the channel.

We clarify what they’re, how they work and how one can handle them.

What are Twitch emblems?

The Twitch emblems are some form of badge or award for your channel subscribers. It is proven subsequent to the title of that consumer once they take part within the chat of your channel and they’ll customize the title as they add months as subscribers and go reaching milestones. There are all types of moments when emblems are acquired, equivalent to being one of many first subscribers, for instance.

We can handle them from our management panel and there are a variety of issues that we should take into consideration equivalent to that not every thing goes when selecting an emblem or that we should observe a collection of steps to handle them within the channel.

Rules and necessities

Not every thing goes though it is sufficient to use widespread sense to know what can or can’t be an emblem. Twitch makes this clear within the Community Guidelines, explaining: “These tips are widespread sense tips and apply to all user-generated content material and actions on our companies.” We should keep in mind that there are a variety of prohibited issues that we can’t use in emblems:

  • Nudes and obscene or suggestive content material
  • Drugs or equipment for consumption
  • Incitement to hate
  • Words or footage derogatory, racist or harassing
  • Words or gestures specific
  • Single letter pictures
  • Twitch model useful resource violations
  • Infringements of mental property rights
  • Other infringements of privateness, copyright, logos …

And you have to not solely adjust to not skipping these prohibitions, but additionally the subscriber emblems should observe some necessities:

  • Upload the picture in three completely different sizes: 18 x 18 px, 36 x 36 px, and 72 x 72 px.
  • The picture have to be in PNG format
  • The background of the picture must be clear
  • The file measurement can’t exceed 25 KB
  • The picture should adjust to the principles of Twitch, group, and so forth.

Manage emblems

Once we’re clear about what Twitch emblems are or what necessities they meet, we will handle it. Please word that you just can’t handle Twitch emblems if you’re not a accomplice or affiliate. If you’re, you are able to do it from your management panel by accessing the “Preferences” part and happening to the “Subscriptions” part. Here we’ll discover “Emblems of constancy” and we will add or handle badges or medals that your subscribers will obtain relying on how lengthy they’ve been loyal to your channel. From its “arrival” to a number of years outdated. It relies upon on how lengthy the logo is of a shade, measurement, and so forth.

Here you will notice that the default emblem is a star however we will change it and design a distinct one to present our channel extra persona.

It will rely on whether or not you’re a accomplice or an affiliate you can fill in a collection of slots or others. For instance, associates can fill in as much as “one year” of seniority however companions are as much as ten years outdated so you may fill in numerous emblems for individuals who have been a 12 months, a 12 months and a half, two years, two and a half years and so on till they’ve been on the channel for ten years.

Upload customized emblem

You can upload the own emblems that you really want and that you’ve got personalised.

  • Open your Twitch account
  • Go to the management panel
  • Open the Preferences part
  • Tap on Partner / Affiliate
  • Look for the part “Emblems of loyalty”
  • Choose the logo you wish to modify, the “time” you need
  • Tap on “Manage emblems”
  • Go to the underside and upload the pictures

Upload subscriber emblems

You must change it one after the other and it is possible for you to to handle emblems for 2 months, three, six months, a 12 months … Just upload them one after the other attending to the twitch necessities: pictures of not more than 25 KB, not animated… Also, you have to keep in mind that to handle the customized emblems we should upload them three completely different occasions in three completely different sizes. You ought to upload it in 18 x 18, in 36 x 36 px and in 72 x 72 px. Also, they need to all be precisely the identical picture.

Once you’ve got achieved it, merely faucet on “Save Changes.” You can modify it as many occasions as you need otherwise you want if it isn’t as you anticipated. You may faucet on “Remove Emblem” subsequent to the one you need.

Emblem ornaments

We may handle emblem elaborations. These are elaborations that overlap the subscriber emblem, though they don’t seem to be out there to everybody. Keep in thoughts that these decorations are solely out there to subscribers of degree 2 and 3. That is, we must always know the way the degrees work … There are three subscription ranges with three several types of advantages and degree 2 and 3 They are priced at € 9.99 monthly or € 24.99 monthly with sure advantages, emoticon modifiers, unique broadcasts, and so forth.


Emblem decorations might be activated or deactivated from the “Manage emblems” part that we’ve got seen in earlier paragraphs. You can go to Loyalty Badges> Manage Badges. Here you will notice a button “Emblem decoration” or “Badge Flair” you can flip on or off with a change.

There are two default emblems per degree: one for degree two and one for degree three. The first is a spherical star in blue and the second is a yellow star. But you may upload your own customized emblem decoration in the identical approach that we upload emblems. Of course, it should have a clear background and assume that it overlaps the earlier one so it shouldn’t disturb the principle picture.

Emblem ornament

Tap on “Upload customized decoration” and click on the “+” icon subsequent to every field. Upload the pictures within the corresponding sizes: 18 × 18 px, 36 × 36 px, 72 × 72 px. Once you’ve it, you may hit “Preview of the decoration”.

Emblem decorations might be deactivated by the accomplice or affiliate however can be disable it consumer in case you do not need it to indicate. You simply should go to “chat settings” and deactivate it. In addition, if you’re a viewer or subscriber, it is possible for you to to know if the channel affords it or not as a result of you will notice it within the checklist of advantages that seems when we’re going to subscribe to a brand new channel.

Upload ornament on Twitch