Map The Airship with all tasks and rooms

It is a conceptual change to what we beforehand knew about this recreation, with far more closed and bounded maps, in addition to quite a lot of tasks that might be fairly improved. This new map includes a new solid of missions, an immense setting, and in-game surprises to make it extra random than earlier than. That is why we’re going to decipher every thing that Airship entails.

Among us
Among us

A map to reengage with Among Us

It is the perfect excuse to return to Among Us if sooner or later you had stopped enjoying, or to start out if you’re new to this title. As a setting, The Airship is big and extremely detailed. And that he joins the Innersloth recreation without spending a dime is kind of a declare. An addition that seems like a full-blown growth.

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And what’s higher: The Airship makes us return to the beginning sq. as gamers. To these video games during which we didn’t know the identify of the room we left behind, however we weren’t positive what we are going to discover within the one proper in entrance of it. Returning to the sensation of hazard when getting into a seemingly empty room.

The impostor infiltrated within the aerial debacle of The Airship it is again on the prime of the meals chain. He fully resumes his function as a wolf earlier than a herd of lambs far more susceptible and confused than regular. And after all, watching others suspect and react, realizing that their fears are absolutely based, is a part of the enjoyable.

Moreover, exactly in that feeling of fixed discovery It is the place this new map shines essentially the most: along with the system of gears and motors that can inevitably be sabotaged, we will discover new leisure rooms, stairs, platforms and even a billiard room.

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We additionally knew beforehand that now, not like the opposite maps, you possibly can select the beginning room. Besides this including a wow issue to the sport, it’s a matter of practicality: truly it is a very massive map and it takes a very long time to get from the Boardroom to, for instance, the Electricity room.

New Tasks in The Airship

Next, we present you the map from a crewman’s standpoint with a short description of all the brand new tasks:

  • Calibrate the distributor: The most tough job of all (considering that they’re all straightforward). Here it’s important to match the three wheels that rotate in place in order that they’re aligned.
  • Reset Switches: There are seven numbered switches in a room, and you’ll have to reactivate them in ascending order, from 1 to 7. Each session the numbers change, so do not memorize something.
  • Fix the Wiring: You already realize it, it joins a damaged wire with one other damaged wire of the identical shade. Easy-peasy.
  • Divert Energy: This is one which it’s essential to meet in numerous rooms. You extract power from one system to redistribute it to others.

map airship among us tasks

  • Take out the trash: The guide model of throwing rubbish into area in The Skeld. Take the bag and take it out of the jar. Easy proper? Now go and do it at house too. Come on, assist a bit of.
  • Enter ID: This is one that everybody is aware of: you simply need to put the password accurately.
  • Download: Again it’s important to switch information from one folder to a different. It is straightforward, however time consuming. So look over your shoulder… no, do not, as a result of that interrupts the duty.
  • Accommodate Guns: In the armory it’s essential to take 4 pistols and then put them (nicely and in a great way) of their place, just a few steps from the place you took them. I want you possibly can take one to defend your self from the impostor.
  • Accommodate Rifles: The identical, however with two rifles.
  • Classify Records: If Diverting Power was a cumbersome job, sorting data is worse. You need to take the folder within the middle of the Meeting Room and distribute it within the completely different rooms the place they go… no less than there are the little yellow arrows that present you the place.
  • Load: Same as ‘Download’ however… nicely, you understand. Now we all know why they’re known as ‘Innersloth’.
  • Back Ribbons: This is definitely fairly enjoyable. In a cassette participant it’s essential to return the tape and go away it on the actual time indicated on the post-it. That’s proper, youngsters: we used to take heed to music on these gadgets.
  • Start Fans: You will likely be given a 4 image code. Memorize it. A number of steps later you’ll have to introduce it in order that the air begins to run by means of the aircraft.
  • Motor Gasoline: Another now basic: take the gasoline can to recharge the engines. There will not be a lot drawback with this.
  • Open the Lock: Another of the brand new tasks, and considerably advanced. It is critical to position the safety mixture of the notice that’s given to us, arranging the marker as indicated beneath every quantity.
  • Polish the Ruby: It will not be a double that means, it’s essential to polish a treasured gem… whose aircraft is that this and why is it carrying weapons and a ruby?
  • Dress the Mannequin: Another fairly enjoyable new task too. You should gown a model with the identical garments as the instance picture they offer you… however why is there additionally a model? What is that this ship fabricated from?
  • Avoid Collision Course: The model of “Reactor Fusion” on the Airplane … the Deceiver has sabotaged the ship that’s about to crash. Players will solely have 90 seconds to enter two numeric codes (individually) and stop the aircraft from crashing. Pretty harmful.

All rooms on this map The Airship

We have stated that this map of Among Us is kind of a discovery, and we can’t be extra proper. We are in that scenario the place we have no idea the structure of the map and we have no idea the place every room is. Here we’re going to listing all those in The Airship:

  • Arsenal
  • Brig
  • Cargo compartment
  • Cabin
  • Communications
  • Electrical switches space
  • Machine room

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  • Mobile platform room
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Main corridor
  • Medical room
  • Meeting room
  • Records
  • Safety
  • Showers
  • Vault
  • Ventilation
  • Display cowl