Marvel: 7 series and movies to watch before She-Hulk

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The big problem of Marvel Cinematic Universe it is continuity. Almost all the productions made by the studio can be seen separately, but we are not going to get all the details if we do not have a mental image of the entire universe that they have been developing all these years. Since we don’t have unlimited time, and maybe some superhero doesn’t do us much good, it’s normal that you have things from the MCU left to see. In this article we will talk about everything we know you have to see to understand She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk.

What do you have to see to understand She-Hulk?

One of the great challenges that Kevin Feige has ahead of him is the rejection that the great expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is beginning to cause. There are many viewers who feel left behind at the exaggerated pace the studio has taken. Any UCM movie or series requires having seen several previous productions in order to understand the entirety of the work. This will be no exception with the television series of she-hulkalthough we already told you that you will not have to go through long marathons to catch up if you want to see this series that premieres this week on Disney +.

Without seeing the entire season, we do not know what references will be made in the chapters. However, knowing the characters that will appear in the series of the lawyer, these are the seven major productions that you must have seen before watching the new series:

The incredible Hulk

The Hulk by Edward Norton

We’ll start a bit at the beginning. East reboot of 2008 presented us with the beginnings of bruce banneras well as Abomination, the villain who will also appear in the television series. This Hulk was played by Edward Norton, who only appeared in this movie. He was replaced by Mark Ruffalo after the tensions that the actor had with the producers – Ruffalo has not yet had a film as the Hulk alone.

The Avengers, Infinity War and Endgame


Watching these three Avengers movies will be key to understanding everything that has been seen on screen about the Hulk. infinity war Y end game are probably the two best productions of the MCU. Come on, surely, for this part, you already have the task done.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Although it did not come together for many Marvel fans, the Shang-Chi movie is to a certain extent the key that opens some of the threads that are taken up in she hulk.

First of all, this is where you see the return of abomination. It is also in this film where wong comes to prominence and becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.

daredevil and the defenders


In these two television series that originally premiered on Netflix we can delve a little more about Matt Murdock, which will also be key in this new series. Murdock and Jennifer Walters have in common that they are lawyers who represent superheroes, so getting to know the character will be important. However, it will not be mandatory to watch the entire series. Watching the first seasons will be more than enough.

Other optional films

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Before we sign off, we’ll mention a few movies that might also throw up some bonus details. Speaking of Avengers we have skipped the age of ultron. You don’t have to see it to understand. she hulkbut to understand the rest of the films in the franchise that we have mentioned above.

Doctor Strange and its sequel are also interesting to delve a little deeper into the character wong although they are not two essential films either.