memes, jokes, black humor and more

Humor of all types, for everybody


The reality is that the texts of 280 characters of the social community of the blue chook go a good distance. And it’s that even with a single picture or with just a few phrases they will provoke a match of laughter. But in fact, as in “actual life”, on Twitter there’s humor of all types:

  • Memes
  • Black temper
  • Jokes
  • Criticisms (with and with out respect)
  • Smart humour
  • Jokes about soccer
  • Characters whose easy picture makes us smile

This is only a grain within the mountain of the other ways of constructing humor that we will discover on Twitter. And, as can occur to us in our day by day lives, it’s probably that we are going to meet folks or accounts through which humor doesn’t match an excessive amount of with ours.

We wish to make clear this as a result of on this planet of social media it is rather straightforward to misrepresent an thought or joke taken out of context, resulting in criticism and public lynching. For this cause, and earlier than you begin to touch upon an individual who has made a joke via the web, we wish to ask you to begin with let’s respect everybody.

Best humor accounts on Twitter

That stated, one thing that is essential as we speak, it’s time to make your self identified to those Twitter customers with whom you’ll absolutely miss a smile no less than.

The Best of Twitland (@BestTwits )

The first of the profiles that we wish to discuss to you about is, in flip, probably the most viral inside this social community in relation to the theme of humor. On the account of «The Best of Twitland» tremendous humorous viral content material of all types is collected: movies, memes, images and even tremendous intelligent phrases. This person is already adopted by more than 1.2 million folks.

Kim Jong-Un (@norkorean)

On the opposite hand, we now have the account of North korean. Here, benefiting from the intense profile of the North Korean dictator (Kim Jong-Un), he publishes content material as if he have been this similar particular person however with an ironic, sarcastic tone and, why are we going to lie to one another, fairly humorous. Although, sure, typically it exceeds that line that some customers might not be too pleased to be joked with sure subjects. North Korean is already adopted nearly 1,000,000 followers through Twitter.

Coronavirus (@ CoronaVid19)

If in the course of the confinement you have been shopping the social community of the blue chook, we’re positive that you just got here throughout a tweet from the account of Coronavirus. A person who, with an ironic and humorous tone, makes posts and solutions with the theme of this pleased virus.

From pictures remembering that, after the summer season, we might see one another once more, to benefiting from the crowds of individuals to insinuate that he’s pleased. And what would you like us to inform you, even whether it is being one thing that’s negatively affecting the well being of the nation, along with his publish you need to snort sure or sure. This account is already adopted 930,000 customers On twitter.

Gerardo Tecé (@gerardotc)

If you want political humor, criticism and eloquent feedback, you need to comply with Gerardo Tecé. Already surpassing 600,000 followers Within this social community, his humor is directed primarily at political leaders via irony however, with out ceasing to say what many people can come to suppose.

God (@diostuitero)

A imaginative and prescient totally different from that of the Christian God that everyone knows is the one conveyed by the profile of the Twitter God. A lover of the politically incorrect, he makes feedback with the ironic tone of ecclesiastical references, jokes about soccer and about politics. Quite a hodgepodge of very, very humorous feedback, though, sure, typically considerably acidic. This account is adopted by more than 580,000 customers.

Llourinho (@Llourinho)

An account that started as a criticism of soccer coach José Mourinho when he was teaching Real Madrid, has turn into a profile adopted by nearly half 1,000,000 lovers of jokes. As you’ll be able to think about, the central theme of the feedback of Llourinho it’s nonetheless the game of kings.

Anacleto Panceto (@Xuxipc)

The good mixture of criticism and laughter could possibly be known as Anacleto Panceto. A person with more than 200,000 followers after his publications, whose subject material doesn’t depart a headless puppet. We can learn him speaking about faith, corruption, soccer, politics and a really lengthy etcetera. This person, the reality, doesn’t mince phrases.

Miss Puri (@SenoritaPuri)

The profile of Miss puri It is a little bit of pictures, GIFs, movies and humorous feedback that can absolutely make you smile. It is presently about to succeed in the 200,000 followers via the social community of the blue chook.

Super Falete (@SuperFalete)

We personally love the account of Super Falete for that quantity of eloquent feedback that he releases each day. Mix a little bit of criticism, on a regular basis conditions, justice and one thing else to, whether or not we wish to or not, get a smile. This profile is presently adopted 187,000 folks On twitter.

BAD FACE (@malacarasev)

A real Andalusian who carries our humor, anthem and approach of talking as a flag. Sometimes he could make a bit of fundamental joke, however you’ll nonetheless find yourself laughing after studying him for some time. The profile of BAD FACE is adopted on this social community by 116,000 folks and up.

Kikolo (@ kikolo777)

Another person who doesn’t mince phrases is the account is Kikolo. Among his posts we will see hundreds of GIFs, pictures and tremendous good movies. Although, sure, when he has to criticize one thing he throws it as he thinks it.