Methods and techniques for applying thermal paste to a processor

In the world of {hardware} there’s a vast debate concerning the right means to apply thermal paste; Each technique definitely has its peculiarities, however the actuality is that in the event you do it appropriately, all of them offers you the efficiency you want, so it isn’t that one technique is right and the others are incorrect, it’s merely that with some it’s simpler get it proper with others, however we repeat that whether it is finished properly, you’ll not have any drawback.

Methods for applying thermal paste to the processor

There are primarily 5 techniques or strategies to apply thermal paste to the processor, and though some give higher outcomes than others relying on the contact floor of the heatsink, all of them are right and offers you good thermal efficiency. Let’s see them.

Method 1: A big dot of thermal paste

This technique entails inserting a comparatively giant dot (concerning the measurement of a grain of rice) in the midst of the processor’s IHS. Then, placing the heatsink on prime will make the thermal paste unfold throughout the floor.

Apply thermal paste point

The largest benefit of this technique is how straightforward it’s, since simply by placing a little thermal paste within the middle and then mounting the heatsink you may be finished. The disadvantages of this fashion of applying thermal paste, nevertheless, are a number of, to start with as a result of it’s straightforward to go over or fall quick when it comes to amount, and second as a result of you’ve gotten to be very cautious when mounting the heatsink, since if not « You get it proper the primary time, you possibly can wreck the job.

On the opposite hand, this technique doesn’t assure that the thermal paste reaches the ends of the IHS properly, however in case you have finished it appropriately, if you take away the heatsink will probably be completely prolonged as on this picture.

Point result

Method 2: Five small dots

This different method consists in that, as a substitute of applying a comparatively giant level within the middle, what is finished is applying 5 smaller factors with a distribution like in a six-sided die.

Apply five point thermal paste

With this technique, as straightforward because the earlier one, you make sure that the thermal paste will likely be higher distributed over the whole floor of the processor’s IHS, though it’s true that it has the identical disadvantages. However, properly finished and as you will note within the following picture, the distribution of thermal paste is sort of excellent (within the instance picture, they’ve gone a bit with the quantity and you’ll be able to see that there’s extra on the prime and backside).

Result five points

Method 3: Cross

With this different method we actually make a cross on the floor of the processor IHS. We have to be cautious that the traces we kind are very positive in order not to overshoot when it comes to the quantity of thermal compound.

Apply thermal paste in a cross

This technique is comparatively harmful: you don’t want to begin the traces too far to the sting in order that if you put the heatsink on prime the thermal paste doesn’t overflow, however you run the chance of falling quick and that it occurs as on this picture, through which the paste clearly doesn’t has distributed appropriately and has not gone to extremes.

Cross result

Method 4: Spread the thermal paste

This technique is probably the most laborious to carry out, and consists of placing a little thermal paste on the IHS and spreading it evenly over the whole floor (you are able to do it with a plastic card, overlaying your finger with a plastic bag, or with an applicator as many producers embrace).

Spread the thermal paste

This technique has the benefit that you simply management precisely the quantity of thermal paste that you simply apply, ensuring that you’re not going to fall quick or go overboard and it can overflow from the edges if you place the heatsink on prime.

Spread thermal paste

It additionally permits some room for maneuver in the event you do not “get it proper” if you put the heatsink on the primary time, so it’s positively probably the most really helpful for knowledgeable customers wanting for the very best efficiency and longest sturdiness of thermal paste of their gear.

Method 5: Directly on the heatsink

There is a fifth technique that’s definitely not probably the most really helpful since you are in nice hazard of going overboard with the quantity. In addition, you must solely do this technique with heatsinks with direct contact know-how (that’s, they’ve the warmth pipes uncovered) and which have giant gaps between the warmth pipes, so a better quantity of thermal paste is really helpful.

Apply thermal paste on the heatsink

The technique consists, as you’ll already suppose, of applying the thermal paste instantly to the warmth pipes of the heatsink, emphasizing the house between them, and then placing the heatsink with the paste instantly on the processor. We insist that this technique is the least really helpful and most harmful of all, however we listing it anyway as a result of, in spite of everything, it’s yet another technique.

Directly on the heatsink

Which method is less complicated to apply if you’re a beginner?

If we have been to classify these strategies to apply the thermal paste within the processor, we’d say that the best is undoubtedly the one level, because it consists of placing a level of thermal paste the scale of a grain of rice and you solely have to fear that if you set up the heatsink, it’s essential to make it fully straight (at an angle of 90 levels) to be certain that the thermal paste is unfold evenly.

The second easiest technique is the 5 level technique, simply as straightforward because the one level technique, adopted by the cross technique. The means that requires probably the most work is to unfold the thermal paste, however as we’ve got already stated earlier than it’s the most really helpful if you would like not to go overboard or fall quick as a result of it’s the one which offers you the very best management of the quantity of thermal paste used.

Expert suggestion

Many producers have their very own tips for applying thermal paste, and every recommends one or the opposite. For instance, according to Intel The finest means to apply the thermal paste is with the one-point method, and the knowledgeable producer in refrigeration Arctic thinks precisely the identical, however for instance the consultants in restore of iFixit suggest the strategy of spreading thermal paste.

thermal paste

We, as customers who’ve had to use thermal paste lots of of instances (with out exaggerating, actually), we imagine that the very best technique is to unfold the thermal paste as a result of, as we’ve got defined, it’s one of the best ways to management the quantity with out going overboard. or be quick and guarantee that it’s evenly distributed over the whole floor of the IHS. It prices a little extra to apply, however the result’s price it and, actually, it isn’t that it has a lot problem, it simply takes a little extra work.

In any case, if you don’t need to complicate your life, we contemplate that the five-point technique is sort of easy and offers higher outcomes than the one-point technique.