Minecraft: How to get LaLiga skins to dress as Real Madrid

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When we talk about video games and football, the first and only thing that comes to mind is FIFA. The most successful video game from Electronic Arts has a monopoly on this king sport. However, this week, another old acquaintance in the world of gaming and has overtaken him on the right. LaLiga has signed a historic agreement with Minecraft. You can finally wear your team’s colors in any game officially.

Spanish football officially arrives in Minecraft

Until now, if you wanted to walk around the worlds of Minecraft with your Betis shirt, you had to search the Internet for someone who had previously done it or make it yourself. Luckily, this week LaLiga has reached a license agreement with Minecraft to wear the shirts of the 20 teams from the Spanish first division to the game of blocks. Altogether they will be 80 skins which can be dressed in the video game.

What devices is it available on?

These soccer jerseys are available right now for all video games on the platform minecraft bedrock Edition, so forget about being able to access it if you’re still using the Java version. It also exists for the Minecraft Pocket Edition version.

The pack is paid, but the price that the DLC will have in each of the systems in which it is available has not yet been confirmed. You will be able to access this new content through the Microsoft Store, in the Xbox store, in the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and finally, in the Apple App Store if you play Minecraft on your iPhone or iPad.

What devices are supported in the pack?

You will find all the teams that are currently in first divisionwhich as you well know, are the following:

  • Athletic Club of Bilbao
  • Atletico Madrid
  • CA Osasuna
  • Cadiz CF
  • Elche CF
  • FC Barcelona
  • Getafe F.C.
  • Girona F.C.
  • Vallecano Ray
  • Celtic RC
  • RCD Espanyol Barcelona
  • RCD Majorca
  • Real Betis
  • real Madrid
  • Real society
  • Real Valladolid C.F.
  • Sevilla F.C.
  • UD Almeria
  • Valencia CF
  • Villarreal CF

You can try it for free

However, you can try all these new t-shirts for Minecraft characters free of charge in the Dressing Room. Thus, you can assess whether or not it is worth the purchase.

The agreement reached by both Microsoft and LaLiga is for a couple of seasons. At the moment, the kits of the teams that are in the first division during the 22-23 season have arrived in the video game. However, this move will be repeated next year with the teams that remain in the category. From there, it will depend on the success of the experiment whether or not the agreement is renewed.

How to download the LaLiga jersey pack

bedrock minecraft

To make use of this new DLC, what you have to do is enter the content store of the video game itself. The Minecraft Marketplace is only available in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Once you are inside, locate the content ‘LaLiga Skin Pack‘, from the author Blockception. Once inside, follow the steps to proceed to the payment and have access to the skins of this season 22/23 of LaLiga in your Minecraft games.

If you need more information, we recommend that you take a look at the publication made by the developers themselves on the official Minecraft website.