Minecraft torches: what they are, how they are crafted and what they are for


Minecraft torches are essential to survive inside the game. No, we are not exaggerating. Few things are scarier than spawning into a seed in survival mode and having to start thinking about finding a way to light up a makeshift shelter. And because? Well, because, in Minecraft, the night is very dark and is home to creepers, zombies, and skeletons.

We will give an explanation to all that later. If you’ve only been playing Minecraft for a short time (or if you’re thinking of diving into this title for the first time), we strongly recommend that you learn all you can about Minecraft torches. And, of course, that’s what we’re here for. Here we tell you everything you need to know.

What are Minecraft torches?

In Minecraft, the block is the standard unit of measure. Everything, absolutely everything, can be reduced to a minimum of a block. Torches are no exception, and are considered a type of block that is placed on top of others to illuminate an area. It is one of the few that emit light. They can be placed on all faces of a block except the bottom one, and where you place them depends on how brightly they glow.

They are made with sticks of wood and charcoal, placing the latter in the central part of the workbench, and the stick just below. To make the sticks you have to place two wooden blocks, one in the central part of the workbench and another just below. We remind you that workbenches are crafted with four blocks of wood (not logs) from the game’s own character sheet. In any case, we will give you more detailed information a little further down.

Characteristics of the torches

Minecraft torches are a temporary light source, that is, after a while they will go out and it will be necessary to relight them using flint and iron (which will also have to be obtained). If what you want is a permanent light solution, then we would have to talk about lanterns. However, these objects are not the protagonist of this article; will have to leave them for another time.

the torches act as a complete block, in order to place other objects (or more torches) in the same area. They are a solid brick, so a block of sand is prevented from falling by putting a torch in the space just below. And yes, it is possible to make a roof that is composed solely of torches.

These objects emit a light level of 14, being able to melt ice and snow layers. There is a variant, soul torches, which emit a light level of 10 and cannot melt ice or snow. As we have already told you, they can be placed anywhere on a block except on the bottom face, although in the following objects they can only be placed on the top face and not on the sides:

  • Sharpeners.
  • scaffolding
  • Iron bars.
  • Bells.
  • dragon eggs
  • Repaired End Portal frames.
  • walls.
  • glass panels.
  • Fence gates.
  • Anvils.
  • Fences.
  • Rods of the End

Remember what we said at the beginning that the night in Minecraft is dark? Well, the torches are of great help, since the sources of light prevent the appearance of mobs hostile during night hours, like the famous creepers or zombies. When you build your first temporary shelter, make sure you have torches to give it enough light. Otherwise, these creatures could invade your safe space.

How to craft torches in Minecraft

Making the Minecraft torches is a simple process as far as its last step is concerned, but first it requires that we give a series of steps to take into account from the moment we appear in the game. The first, as soon as we arrive, we have to start collecting tree trunks. With our hands, logically, we still don’t have tools.

Once we have a sufficient number of trunks, we open the inventory and place them inside. Each trunk will give us a set of four planks of wood:

The next is create a crafting tableplacing four wooden planks spread across all inventory spaces (that is, one plank for each space):

Now that we have the crafting table, the next thing is make a wooden pickaxe. To do this, we go to the crafting table and, in the central box and in the one just below it, we place two wooden planks to make four sticks:

Now that we have the sticks, the next thing is make the beak itself. To do this, on the crafting table we place two sticks (one in the central box and another in the one just below) and three planks (these three in the three boxes at the top):

Now that we have a wooden pickaxe, we started collecting stones. Coal is generally found in stone quarry areas, but for now we are only interested in that material first. Why? Because wooden spikes, however effective they may be, have a very limited duration. The stone ones are not the most durable either, but they do last longer. The manufacturing process is the same as in the case of wooden spikes, only the material changes:

Now it will take much less time to collect stones, so it should take much less time to get to coal. Coal is our next target, by the way. As soon as we get coal, we can go back to the crafting table and make torches. To do so, just put a coal unit in the center square and a stick just below it:

It’s a bit of a cumbersome process., but not for that reason it is the only one. If you know of a better way to get here, feel free to follow it.

Can you make different types of torches?

The short answer is yes. There is a special type of Minecraft torches known as torches of souls. Its manufacturing is very similar to that of normal torches, only the three central boxes of the crafting table are used and, in the last step, earth or sand of souls. You can also make redstone torchesfollowing the same recipe as regular torches, only using redstone powder instead of charcoal.

What can also be done, once you have already created torches, is craft items using torches. For example, to craft a lantern (permanent light source), you need to craft a torch, place it on the crafting table in the center slot, and surround it with iron nuggets. Additionally, you can also craft an underwater torch and even change the color of a torch using special components.