Mobile remote control apps

Do you want to turn your smartphone into a remote control for different functions? So you need to know a list of mobile remote control apps, And we will talk about this in the entry of this occasion.

use your mobile as remote control It is something that emerged recently, and has managed to gain relevance throughout the world. Imagine that you no longer have to get up to look for control to manipulate any smart device that you have at home, and that you must use your mobile phone to change the channel or to turn off the devices.

Well this is now a reality. There are a couple of applications that will allow you to convert your mobile on a universal remote. With this, it will be easier for you to control your devices, and you will only have to install the apps and start managing them.

TV Remote Control

TV Remote Control

We start our list with the TV Remote Control app, and it is that with this app you will have a universal control in the palm of your hand. Depending on the smart TV you have, you can navigate between channels like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Go and much more.

After installing the application on your mobile, enter and configure the brand of your TV. From there, you can use features like the search engine to find specific programs or channels.

It is compatible with rokus, LG, Samsung TVs and many more. When the app is configured on the mobile, all the functions you can use will appear on the screen. From turn off the device, volume up or down, up to a digital control to navigate through the channels.

TV Remote Control – All TV (Free, Google Play) →

Remote Control for Roku TV

Remote Control for Roku TV

Remote Control for Roku TV is a TV remote control app which includes features that make it easy for you Quickly control your Roku TV using your smartphone.

After a simple pairing procedure, you can start using the smart control app to manage channels or applications from a Roku TV. It also has a search engine that will save you hours of searching, and you only have to enter the name of a program or a channel to start enjoying the content you like.

Added to this, you can use your mobile as an additional screen, And if you want to see the content you play on the TV on your phone, you just have to configure the device.

Remote Control for Roku TV (Free, Google Play) →

Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control

Continuing our list of mobile remote control apps, We have Universal TV Remote Control. This application features compatibility with all the major TV brands in the world, among which are:

  • Samsung.
  • LG.
  • Roku.
  • Sony.
  • Hisense.
  • TCL.

The first thing you should do before transforming your smartphone into a remote control, It will be to configure the brand of your television. After you have done so, the app will start working according to the type of TV you have.

Offers an elegant interface and easy to understand. As you browse, you’ll notice all the features you can use while watching content on your TV. Also, you will have the option of screen mirroring when watching a series or movie. You will broadcast from your phone to your TV, and when you finish what you have seen, you can continue using your mobile as a universal control.

Universal TV Remote Control (Free, Google Play) →

Mi Remote Controller for TV

Mi Remote Controller for TV

Unlike the other apps on the list, Mi Remote Controller for TV It will allow you to control electrical devices beyond the television. Other devices that are compatible with this app will be:

  • Air-conditioning.
  • Set Top Box.
  • DVD players.
  • Projectors.
  • A/V receiver.
  • cameras.

The phone shall have infrared function so that you can connect to the different devices and later, control them with the help of the application. Yes indeed, cannot be used at the same time.

This means that you can only control one section at a time, And if you want to use your mobile as the remote control for your TV, you will have to disconnect it from the device you used previously.

Mi Remote controller – for TV, (Free, Google Play) →

Universal remote control

Universal remote control

Finally, our last recommendation on this list of mobile remote control apps, It is Universal Remote Control. It is normal to lose the remote control of a TV, but you will no longer have to worry about that, since with Universal Remote Control you can manipulate your TV through your smartphone.

It is a compatible app with different brands of television, including the famous Samsung. After installing the app on your device, select the brand of your TV and you will see how your mobile becomes an efficient and totally digital control.

Within the interface, you will find buttons that correspond to functions such as volume up or down, change channels, return to the main menu, screen recording or stop, information, among others.

Universal Remote Control (Free, Google Play) →

Through applications of this type, your mobile will have an additional function, be a remote control for various appliances of daily use in the home.