Mouse pad, is it necessary or can you play without it?

There are virtually numerous producers which have gaming mats of their catalog, with which they promise not solely to offer a distinct design for our gaming ecosystem, but in addition to at all times have one of the best efficiency within the mouse, with a dependable floor and that provide minimal friction so mouse actions are as fluid as potential. To what extent is this so?

Are mouse pads actually necessary?

The sensors of gaming mice are getting higher and higher, providing not solely a better decision but in addition higher precision when making fast actions with the gadget, making certain that we’ll not lose a single motion.

Today the overwhelming majority of PC gaming mice have an optical sensor, which is roughly a sort of digicam that takes snapshots of the floor many instances per second and acts in response to the slight variations that happen, so without doubt the floor The cause we transfer it will at all times must do with its efficiency.


With every part and with that, most gaming mice -with an optical or laser sensor- will work without too many issues on the desk, without the necessity to use a mouse pad. The drawback comes when the floor is not opaque or when it is shiny, since in that case the sensor tends to do many fallacious readings as a result of reflections or not with the ability to focus the floor correctly. If that occurs to you, you will understand that just by placing a sheet of paper beneath the mouse you will cease having issues.

Either manner, and since most mice work on any floor that is clean, opaque and matte (not shiny), really having a gaming mouse pad is not necessary as such. However, the mats do present a number of benefits that make it price contemplating your buy, and we are going to see them under.

Advantages of getting a mouse pad

Although, as now we have already talked about, usually having a mouse pad is not strictly necessary, it does present a collection of benefits that we’re going to listing under, and that would imply a optimistic buy determination for a lot of customers. .


The first apparent benefit is that mouse pads characteristic a micro textured floor (no matter whether or not they’re made of material or inflexible) which is perfect for sensor readings from gaming mice, so we shall be making certain higher precision, or in different phrases, a decrease charge of inaccurate sensor readings.

In this regard we should additionally point out that the floor of the mats is designed to have a very low friction. This implies that, opposite to what can occur when utilizing the mouse instantly on the desk, the damage on the mouse legs shall be much less, they are going to slide with much less effort (this implies much less fatigue for the consumer) and there shall be no impediments as a result of potential imperfections that the desk floor might have.

Floor mats0018

Another benefit of utilizing a mouse pad over utilizing the mouse instantly on the desk is the consolation. The mats are considerably thick and – aside from the inflexible ones – present a cushioned floor on which to relaxation the wrist of the hand, making it extra comfy to make use of the mouse for a very long time. This reduces fatigue and even ache after lengthy gaming classes, which is at all times a plus.

In quick, use a mouse pad it is not one thing strictly necessary, though sure one thing extremely beneficial for many customers.