Movistar VHS, list of films from the 90s of the new channel

Located in the dial 23, the ephemeral channel Movistar VHS will supply us “Some of the films that the protagonists of the Paraíso sequence would have discovered of their neighborhood video retailer”. To give us an thought, the decade of the 90s was that of Mecano and Madonna, that of listening to the Walkman, that of the Gameboy, that of arcades with associates or that of renting motion pictures at the video retailer. At that point legendary films arrived and this channel will broadcast “Lots of 80s and 90s cinema in homage to the new Movistar + sequence”.

The channel will dedicate the prime time Monday to youth and household cinema, Tuesday to nice titles which have left their mark, already thought of cult cinema, Wednesday might be for a double session of the terror that marked a whole era, on Thursday motion cinema that raised our adrenaline, on Friday and Saturday we are going to see the highest-grossing titles in the cinemas of the time and the most rented in the video retailer. Finally, Sunday might be for the sequence Paraíso y cine de comedia.

New Movistar VHS channel

Complete list of content material in Movistar VHS

This is the film list that we are going to see on the channel from June three to 20:

  • Land as you may
  • Fear in the metropolis of the dwelling useless
  • At the finish of the stairs
  • Dead and buried
  • Fire in the physique
  • The heroes of time
  • Porky’s
  • Blade runner
  • Heavy metallic
  • Infernal possession
  • Psycho II: The Return of Norman
  • Local Hero (A cool man)
  • Phenomena
  • School of geniuses
  • Demons
  • The iron sergeant
  • Psychosis III
  • Top Gun (Idols of the air)
  • Short circuit
  • The prodigious chip
  • Dirty dancing
  • The night time vacationers
  • Red Scorpion, programmed to destroy
  • Terror has no type
  • Bitelchus
  • Don’t yell at me, I can not see you
  • Batman
  • Lionheart, the fighter
  • Wild Heart
  • Night races
  • The sect
  • The area of the thoughts
  • Reservoir canine
  • No escape (win or die)
  • The Immortals III: The Sorcerer
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • Desperate
  • The night time of the Living Dead
  • The final Mohican
  • The loopy, loopy adventures of Robin Hood
  • Scary night time
  • Tremors
  • The remaining countdown