Neither dictionaries nor Google, this Word function helps you write without errors

Word errors

Many are the users who, when writing, if they have any doubt about how to write a word, access the Google search engine or trust the spell checker of the application they are using. Although it is true that it is a perfectly valid method, not the best in all casesespecially if we have doubts about whether we are using it correctly, whether it is perfectly written, whether it makes sense or whether it is better to opt for a synonym that is easier to understand and that helps us not to repeat a certain word so much.

Word is, for many reasons, the best application available on the market for writing texts, for a reason it has been the king for more than 30 years and no other application is capable of standing up to it, although we can find interesting free and paid options in the market. Word includes a spelling and grammar checker that is responsible for analyzing the words we write in real time, placing them within the context to check the agreement of gender and number. But, in addition, it also includes a function that takes care of analyze the entire text and check for clarity and conciseness in addition to formal language and vocabulary. We are talking about the Editor function.

Improve your way of writing in Word

The function Editor, is available within the Home ribbon, a function that is responsible for analyzing the document in which we are working in real time. It is not recommended to always have it open to check if we are writing correctly, since the only thing we are going to do is distract our attention and not focus on the document we are working on.

By activating this function, a panel will be displayed on the right side of Word where the overall text score. If the Editor’s score is 100%, it means that we have not made any spelling or calligraphy errors and, in addition, it also means that the text is clear and concise and that we have used a proper language and vocabulary.

If we use texts from the internet to create a document, we must use the option similarity. This function is responsible for checking if the text we have written is available on the internet, a function that will prevent us from having problems if the recipient of the document we are writing intends to check if it is original and if we have copied texts from other works or websites.

Each of the similar texts that the application finds will be displayed highlighted so we will be able to quickly modify it by replacing some words with synonyms or turning it completely around so that it is exactly the same.

In section conclusionswe can access a total count of words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences, along with an average total of sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, and characters per word, giving us an idea of ​​whether we should modify the text by reducing the number of words or sentences per paragraph to make it more visually accessible.