Neither God of War nor The Callisto Protocol nor bagpipes: these have been my Christmas games

Sine Mora.

Christmas is coming and the days off seem like they are going to allow us catch up on those news that the dictatorship of work and the agenda prevents us from complying, but it turns out that when you least expect it, your appetite takes a sharp turn and pushes you to savor old glories that smell like arcades. This is a little story about how things, in video games, don’t go as expected.

A shot Christmas

It must be said that this year’s Christmas games were aimed at putting me up with the famous God of War Ragnarok of PS5 and, if there was time, to The Callisto Protocol. All this without neglecting the game about to end A Tale Plague Requiem or the irregular, but fun (which is what counts), evil west. But in the middle of Christmas Eve, after finishing dinner and sitting in front of the console, circumstances took me in other directions. One more matamarcianoswhich was said in the 80s, or shoot ’em up.

Yes, Christmas 2022 has ended up becoming a tribute to classics of a genre that many gamers They have always provided us with extraordinary hours of entertainment and have given birth to some of the most remembered names in history. Of all the ones I’ve played, I’m sure you’ll miss other sagas that are equally or more important, but it was the circumstances, and the historical catalog available at that time, that have conditioned the five names that I bring you.

All, without exception, played on a Steam Deck and thanks to the library that one has accumulated over the last few years or from cloud gaming applications such as PlayStation Plus.

sine mora

Although at the time I enjoyed Sine Mora EX on Nintendo Switch, This Christmas I was able to recover it on PC and it is, despite the 11 years that have elapsed, one of the best things you can have in your Steam library as far as modern martian killers are concerned. It is spectacular, fun, fast-paced and a difficulty worthy of the genre to which it belongs.

Layer Section & Galactic Attack

Taito is one of the most important companies when it comes to shoot ’em up Y his Layer Section it is one of the most spectacular who, luckily, had a kind of remake a short time ago, both for consoles and PC. As the classic would say… “magnum opus” that is accompanied by Galactic Attack (Ray Force).

Andro Dunos II

Although it is sure that you will remember Andro Dunos (of SNK) as one of the codenames of Neo Geo, this Andro Dunos II It is the second part and you have it for both consoles and PC via Steam. A good continuation that will make you spend hours and hours trying to finish it without running out of all the credits.

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix

As in the previous cases, you have these classics recovered for current consoles to enjoy them with all the advantages that are now added to these releases, such as the presence of a rewind to correct errors in the game but, at least, maintain the essence of the original. In this case, you will have all the game quality of the famous Raiden IV of 2007 that came to arcades and later to Xbox 360 to, finally, also do it on PS3.

Raiden V Director’s Cut

The last of the available installments of the saga raiden came in 2016 so You have it ready to play on practically all platforms, including PlayStation Plus in the cloud. MOSS, once again, recreates a classic game with that smell of arcades from the 80s and 90s.