Netflix confirms The Squid Game 2 and this is how little is known

It was clear that Netflix was not going to let a global phenomenon like that of The Squid Gamethe Korean series that during the year 2021 brought millions of viewers upside down around the world who were hooked on this wild game in which a series of participants were plunged with the ultimate goal of making an extraordinary amount of money. The problem with everything is that, as you surely know, the price to pay was too high: death.

Green light for the second season

What we have just learned now is nothing other than the official confirmation by Netflix that we will have a second season of The Squid Game and that, as stated in the tweet uploaded to their social networks, «¡The Squid Game officially returns for season 2! In addition, we can see that eye that we all know who it belongs to, and that transforms its red iris into a number two in allusion to the future batch of episodes.

—Netflix (@netflix) June 12, 2022

But of course, anyone who has been interested in those behind the series will know that There are sufficient reasons to think that its premiere could be delayed. Do you know why? Well, the reason must be sought from the part of its director/screenwriter, who has already suffered those of Cain to shape the first season of fiction.

Dong-hyuk has revealed in some media that just writing the first two episodes of the series took him six months, time he invested in making them perfect, just as he understood they should be seen on the small screen. To those times we must add that the Korean director is immersed in a film project so we will have to see how Netflix handles that there is something else ahead of his intentions to have the second season of The Squid Game.

The solution that appears on the horizon is simple: fill Dong-hyuk with assistants and helpers so that he is the one who supervises and leaves the most difficult and tedious tasks in the hands of others.

What will the story be about?

After what happened in the first season, it seems that some plots have no further travel, although there are possibilities to continue narrating other plot arcs. One of them, and that is the one that is winning integers, is that of the leader, from which new paths could be explored for the series, although it is not known if they would be too far from what we already saw in the first batch of episodes. The same happens with the man with the ttakji in his pockets or Detective Jun-ho himself, who could offer us new approaches by which to continue maintaining the essence of The Squid Game.

In addition, there is another vein that could be explored in the second season as it is the explanation of who those VIP characters are within The Squid Game, that we have known practically in passing and that could have their own story in a new batch of episodes. At the end of the day, apparently dead the thread followed during the first chapters, we only have to see how some privileged people have a bad time. Wouldn’t that be fine?