No need to pay: use these security programs from Malwarebytes

malwarebytes protection

When it comes to protecting our computers, we find applications of all kinds that will be very helpful. Perhaps at the head of all this we can mention antivirus, but there are many other extremely useful solutions related to security. This is the case of some of the programs offered by the specialized firm Malwarebytes.

If we focus on the software related to security on our PC, we can use solutions both free and paid. Let’s start from the basis that the most used operating system in desktop environments has its own solution of this type. We refer to Windows Defender that the Microsoft system offers us by default. But we must bear in mind that we can install any other third-party antivirus to use it if we wish.

In the same way, we can opt for other applications that focus on other more specific sections related to it. protection theme. At the moment there are many companies that have been with us for some time offering their products with these characteristics. Largely due to their experience in the sector, they have earned the trust of many users who prefer these solutions to the one mentioned microsoft. In fact, in these same lines, since we are going to talk about one of these companies, we are referring to the aforementioned Malwarebytes.

It is possible that many of you already know first-hand its solution in the form of antivirus. This is a paid program with a multitude of additional functions that allows us to protect our computer with total confidence. But here we want to focus on other interesting solutions available and without spending a single euro.

Malwarebytes Free Security Apps

Specifically, we are talking about a series of interesting Malwarebytes apps . And it is that, apart from the aforementioned antivirus in its different versions, we can take advantage of these somewhat more specific software solutions to protect the data stored on our computer. In addition, one of the most striking and interesting aspects of these titles is that we will not have to pay for them.

Actually, all we have to do is access the firm’s website to officially download these Malwarebytes security solutions and get the most out of them if we need them. For all this, below we will leave you a brief description of each one so that you can check its usefulness after downloading and installing it.

  • Malwarebytes Free: here we find a free and simplified version of the firm’s antivirus. It focuses on cleaning all kinds of malicious code if we have suffered some kind of attack or infection. It can be used to test the effectiveness of the security solution before opting for the paid version.
  • Malwarebytes Browser Guard: On the other hand, we find ourselves on one side with an extension for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge that is responsible for blocking unwanted advertising and all kinds of scams that appear when visiting web pages.
  • Malwarebytes AdwCleaner: Sometimes certain unwanted applications are installed on our computer that negatively affect its operation. In the same way, they launch advertising windows that greatly annoy us. This is a software that will help us get rid of all that.