NordVPN Threat Protection: Protect your computer from intruders

NordVPN Threat Protection

One of the best VPNs you can hire is NordVPN. With a user base of 14 million, this Nord Security product boasts more than 5,400 servers in 60 countries for the best user experience. In addition to having some options that make the difference with its rivals, such as Nord VPN Threat Protection .

We talk about one of the key features of this VPN to provide an extra layer of security. We can describe NordVPN Threat Protection as an evolution of the traditional VPN by providing safer browsing.

How NordVPN Threat Protection Works

To do this, NordVPN Threat Protection takes care of block any malicious websiteactivity and ad trackers, as well as being able to identify malware-infected files.

This advanced function included in NordVPN is intended to prevent actual damage to your team. If you accidentally try to access a malicious website, NordVPN Threat Protection will take care of restricting access. It will also automatically remove any type of malware in downloaded files.

For it, runs deep scans of any executable file with a maximum weight of 20 megs. Are you concerned about your privacy? This tool does not scan files that may contain personal information, such as Word or PDF documents.

The best of all is that NordVPN Threat Protection lets you surf the Internet without leaving a trace. Many websites include third-party trackers that collect information about your online activity, primarily for marketing purposes. But through this NordVPN tool, it modifies your IP and encrypts your data to block trackers with a single objective: that you can browse with maximum privacy.

By last, every week you will receive a report where NordVPN Threat Protection will tell you all the actions it has taken to protect your privacy.

How to activate Threat Protection

To start with, if you have NordVPN hired you will be able to activate Threat Protection both in the application for Windows or Mac as in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers. If you use Firefox, once you activate Threat Protection, you must activate it by following these steps: in the search bar type “about:profiles” without the quotes and click on the “Restart normally” option.

How to activate Threat Protection

If you want to activate this function on your computer, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open NordVPN
    Click on the shield icon on the left
    Turn on the Threat Protection switch

Contract NordVPN at the best price with this promotion

Nord Security offers you different payment options so that you can enjoy the best VPN at a reasonable price. It has monthly, annual and biannual plans, in addition to being able to request a refund in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

NordVPN prices

As for the prices, you can enjoy a monthly subscription for 10.49 euros, or take advantage of the different promotions that it has launched so that you can contract NordVPN with great discounts. For example, the annual subscription costs 4.38 euros per month or a single payment of 52.68 euros thanks to a discount of 39%, while the two-year subscription offers a 60% discount for you to make a single payment of 69.36 euros or 2.89 euros per month.

Remember that NordVPN also offers 24/7 customer support, 7 days a week to solve any problem or doubt you have. We invite you to learn about NordPass (password manager), NordLocker (encryption and file storage tool), NordLayer (VPN for companies) and NordWL (toolkit for creating VPN products), other Nord Security tools that you should not miss.

Lastly, note that Nord Security is a world leader in security and privacy solutions. Proof of this is that it has obtained a financing round of 100 million dollars led by Novator Ventures, with the participation of Burda Principal Investments and General Catalyst to further improve its service.