NordVPN wants you to browse safely: 71% discount and gift included


One of the great references when it comes to hire a VPN is, without a doubt, NordVPN. The security giant has been offering its clients an exquisite service for years so that you can browse without geographical limitations and with greater security and privacy. And to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they’ve launched a promotion that you shouldn’t ignore.

More than anything because now you will be able to subscribe to this service for only 2.99 euros per month thanks to an offer that will allow you to cSign up for NordVPN cheaper through its 71% discount. The best? That in addition to the discount, you get a gift.

As reported through their website, when signing up for this NordVPN offer you get a random gift : 1 month, 1 year or 2 additional years of subscription, which will be automatically added to the plan you have contracted.

Threat protection, NordVPN’s new weapon

In addition to having launched a real scandal promotion so you can enjoy NordVPN at the best price, we also It has a new tool called Threat Protection and that makes a difference with its main alternatives.

NordVPN knows that threats on the Internet are constantly growing, so cybersecurity tools need to evolve as well. For this reason, the most popular VPN has presented Threat protection.

Formerly known as CyberSecnow they offer you a security suite that includes protection against malicious websites and ads, blocking trackers, protection against malware… A unique combo that makes this VPN the most secure.

In summary, NordVPN Threat Protection protects you against:

  • web crawlers
  • harmful websites
  • infected files
  • Intrusive and malicious advertising
  • You can choose the level of protection you prefer by toggling between all of them

As you may have verified, the NordVPN offer is outrageous, and the added value it offers, such as its Threat Protection service, make it one of the most complete and secure VPNs you can hire. Of course, this promotion of the 71% discount will be available for a limited timeSo don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.