Not everything is work: try these game extensions for Chrome

Chrome game extensions

Thanks to extensions, we can increase our productivity when browsing the internet, especially when the browser is part of our work and studies. However, in the Chrome Web Store, we can not only find extensions for work or study, but we can also find extensions to play in chrome.

The extensions are small applications that are installed in the browser and allow us to expand and/or modify its operation, so the games available in the form of extensions are quite basic, however, they offer us very successful gameplay. Next, we show you a compilation with the best game extensions available for Chrome in the Chrome Web Store, so we can also install them without problems in Edge, Opera and Vivaldi, Chromium-based browsers.

Spider Solitaire, the classic solitaire extension for Chrome

We start this collection of game extensions for Chrome with a classic, Solitaire. This extension allows us to play this classic in version of 2 or 4 stickscompletely free of charge, without ads and without the need to register.

This game offers us graphics that are very similar to those offered by the classic game included in Windows until a few years ago, when Microsoft decided to remove it. It allows us to modify the speed of the animations, the sound, show a hide the time, the score and the movements.

Pacman, another classic among the classics

Another classic that cannot be missing from any computer, especially among those of us who are beginning to comb our gray hair (if we are lucky enough to keep hair) is Pacman, also known as Pacman. This extension offers us 3 game modes of this classic:

  • Pacman, a version of the original that was released in 1980
  • Ms. Pacman, same as the original, also from Atari, but pink
  • Cookieman is a Japanese version of this game.

pac man

Our objective in Pacman is to guide him through different mazes to manage to eat all the points distributed on the map while we escape from Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the four ghosts that protect the mazes and who, at certain times, are vulnerable.

If not one of these ghosts hunts us, we lose a life, number of lives that we can configure from 1 to a maximum of 5. When all available lives are finished, the game ends.

Snake, the Nokia classic

Unlike most Chrome games available as an extension, Snake does not require an internet connection to be able to play. Our goal is just as simple as the Nokia classic: capture the elements that come our way without bumping into the walls. As we are capturing elements, the size of the snake is getting longer.


As the size of the snake gets longer, we must be careful not to collide with the rest of the snake. The game ends when we collide with the rest of the snake. We can enjoy this game using the arrow keys on our keyboard, it does not include configuration options and we can download it through the following link.

developer: kris10ansn


We can say little or nothing about this classic game that is also available as an extension for any Chromium-based browser. Once we have installed it, we can play whenever we want without the need for an internet connection. This extension only offers us a single game mode, the usual classic.


To move the pieces from left to right, we can use the arrow keys or the A and D keys. To rotate the piece, press the up arrow or the W key and to make the piece fall faster, we will press the up arrow keys down or S. If we want it to fall quickly, we press the Space key. The game ends when we cannot place any more pieces.

Doodle Games

For years, when a special event is celebrated, Google has created a Doodle with which we can interact. Once the event passes, we can still access these Doodles through the Google archive, however, the best way to do this is with the Doodle Games extension.


Thanks to the Doodle Games extension, we can access all games that Google has created to celebrate events, in a simpler and more orderly way than through the Google website. Whether it is to play golf, soccer, basketball or even complete the Rubik’s cube with this extension we can do it without problems. This extension is not related to Google.

doodle games
doodle games

Death Racing

If what we really like are racing games, we also have an extension for meet our needs behind the wheel, making use of the Death Racing extension. This extension allows us to enjoy racing vehicles of all kinds, from cars to jet skis with quite successful graphics and that we can play in full screen.

Death Racing

It has no configuration options, we just have to run the extension and try to win all the races we face before time runs out. An internet connection is necessary to be able to enjoy this game in extension form that we can download through the following link.

bmx rider

As we can well deduce from the name of this extension, BMX Rider is a game where we must drive a BMX and avoid all the elements that get in our way without falling to the ground. Unlike other titles that use the arrow keys to move the character, in BMX Rider, we must use the A/D keys to move from left to right, the W to accelerate and the S to slow down.

bmw rider

The only configuration option that this game offers us is to eliminate the sound. This title puts at our disposal two different scenarios: the mountains of San Francisco or those of Tokyo. Not only do the obstacles vary, but we will also come across different types of terrain that will put our driving skills to the test.

Mountain Drive Bus

Bus Mountain Drive is a different extension, an extension that, with quite good graphics, puts us in the shoes of a bus driver who travels mountain roads where you must put your driving skills to the test while we transport the passengers who are waiting for us at the bus stops.

Mountain Drive Bus

We must avoid hitting other vehicles that cross our path to avoid losing points. If we lose all the points, the game ends. The first time we use the extension, an internet connection is necessary to be able to download all the content of that title. As we complete levels, we can select different bus models with acceleration, speed and braking performance.

Classic Games

With the Battle City Game+ extension, we can enjoy a large number of classic games of all times such as Tetris, Bomber Man, 2048, Flapy Bird, Space Invaders, Mahjong, Pac-Man among many others.

Classic Games

This compilation of games is nothing more than an extension that allows us to access web games without the need to visit a web page. These games run in a window and not full screen, however, they are ideal for spending idle time, releasing stress, clearing our minds during our rest periods. An internet connection is necessary to be able to enjoy this set of classic games from Chrome.