NTFS vs FAT32 vs exFAT which one do I choose to format the hard drive or SSD?

File methods are the codecs that we give to a USB drive in accordance to the sort of use that we’re going to give it or its wants. They work and we choose them on a pendrive however not solely on small gadgets but in addition on hard drives. These codecs are varied and can rely on the one we choose that has benefits or advantages or others. It is determined by what you want to choose one or the different, however we additionally have a look at different elements corresponding to the working system we now have and whether it is suitable with the format we choose for our disk.

File methods enable to handle entry, set up content material and handle reminiscence. There are a number of codecs accessible. In the case of selecting the disk format, they’re the similar as the codecs of a pendrive, though we should bear in mind a number of traits when selecting one or the different.

What ought to we contemplate

When selecting between one or the different, it’s handy to bear in mind a collection of elements and technical traits that differentiate them. There could also be some which might be thought-about the finest globally, however it’s handy to bear in mind a number of elements when selecting.

  • Operating system you employ

It is crucial as a result of it is not going to do you any good to use a format if it’s not suitable together with your working system. Not all codecs are suitable with all methods. We should bear in mind you probably have Windows or macOS, for instance.

  • Device

We do not want the similar format for a microSD as for a hard drive, for instance. We should bear in mind the sort of gadget when selecting.

  • Security and encryption

We should have a look at the security measures of every of them.

  • Maximum quantity

Maximum quantity of gigs or TB that “helps” this method or format.

Available codecs

There are a number of codecs that we will choose from …


NTFS (New Technology File System) is the file system that Windows makes use of by default, and the one used for hard drives and SSD drives. Windows can solely be put in on a drive with this method, so if you’re studying this from Windows your pc is utilizing this file system. There are a number of the reason why this file system is used for computer systems.

Among the causes or attribute the reason why we choose this method is as a result of your file restrict is 16TB and volumes can attain 264 TB every. This is a bonus when utilizing it on computer systems: we will have recordsdata of tens of GB, so it’s not one thing to fear about as a result of the largest hard drives have 18 TB of storage, and SSDs 60 TB. Another benefit or characteristic is that we will configure entry permissions to a file or we will encrypt recordsdata. In addition, it additionally permits file names to be lengthy with none drawback.

Is it suitable with different working methods? It relies upon. In the case of Mac we will use NTFS to learn recordsdata however can’t be written. It is one thing that we should bear in mind if we now have a number of gadgets. On Mac working methods NTFS may be learn, however not written. If you employ each platforms, NTFS will not be the most suitable choice. Sony consoles can not write both, though they’ll learn in the case of PS3 and PS4. Xbox 360 could not even learn it, however Xbox One might.


This file system is The oldest that’s nonetheless used in the present day, and is often the one that comes by default included in USB recollections to maximize its compatibility. Being so previous (it dates from 1995 when it was launched in Windows 95), its compatibility with all working methods may be very huge, having the ability to be utilized in Windows, Linux (and Android) and Mac OS, in addition to in gadgets corresponding to televisions or consoles.

Among its drawbacks we discover that the dimension of the recordsdata can not exceed Four GB (or eight TB partitions), which is uncomfortable in some motion cameras in which the movies are lower, or if we would like to go motion pictures on a USB reminiscence. . Thus, exFAT was created.


This file system is the most up-to-date, and has 10 years behind it because it was launched in Windows Vista (with a suitable model for XP). Although it took a couple of years In beginning to be used massively, it’s at present the most suitable choice for USB reminiscence sticks.

The most necessary purpose is that exFAT eliminates all limitation issues of FAT32, so recordsdata bigger than Four GB may be copied. The file dimension restrict on this method is 16 exabytes (16 million terabytes). Compared to NTFS, it has benefits corresponding to being lighter with out all the further features that NTFS provides. In addition, MacOS permits writing and studying of this format not like NTFS, which solely permits studying. On Linux it may be used with acceptable software program, and on Android it may be used to learn and write to SD playing cards and USB sticks by way of OTG. On consoles, the most up-to-date ones help them.

ssd usb memory

This file system is the newest, and he has 10 years behind him because it was launched in Windows Vista (with a suitable model for XP). Although it has taken a couple of years to turn into extensively used, it’s at present the most suitable choice for USB reminiscence sticks.

Is it really useful for the hard drive? It will not be the most really useful or it’s not the most acceptable in these circumstances. Where else to use exFAT it is on SD playing cards if our digicam or cell is suitable, in addition to in USB recollections. Despite this, we should keep in mind that the file system might not be learn by some gadgets, so if we’re going to insert a USB reminiscence into an previous pc, it’s higher to guarantee compatibility with FAT32.

Other codecs

Other file methods are ext4, utilized in Linux, and due to this fact additionally in the Android cell working system. The benefit of this storage system is the well-known “journaling”, which permits higher information integrity by not modifying them in actual time, however slightly they’re recorded and ordered earlier than they’re carried out.

Mac makes use of its personal file system, known as MFS or Macintosh File System. Starting with the new variations of iOS 13 and macOS 10.12.4, Apple has launched APFS or Apple File System, which will unify the file methods between all Apple working methods: macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS, with nice benefits of latency and encryption. It is accessible from macOS Sierra and later and in latest variations of iOS, tvOS, or WatchOS. The major benefit of this format is that it permits us to enhance writing and studying speeds in addition to house on the gadgets. It has native help for information encryption, it’s optimized to be used with SSD drives …

Conclusion, what to put on?

We should bear in mind a collection of elements that we now have talked about in earlier paragraphs. There are good codecs which might be really useful for particular gadgets corresponding to USB sticks and SD playing cards, corresponding to FAT32. But not a great format is really useful for everybody. In this case, NTFS is the best option for hard drives and SSD drives, each exterior and inner. It is superior and trendy, it’s secure and has safety methods: we will encrypt the content material, assign permissions on saved recordsdata, compress or create backup copies.

Although NFTS could also be the most really useful for hard drives, it’s obligatory that you just use the Apple File System you probably have an Apple pc. It is the solely choice you have got so we won’t be able to choose which is healthier or worse however it’s important that you just use this method if you’d like the Mac pc to learn it.