Offer for Surfshark VPN: 83% discount and less than 2€ per month

Having contracted a VPN service is synonymous with security and privacy. Although the market is quite wide, it is convenient to choose because not all Virtual Private Networks are the same or offer the same thing. Because, we recommend Surfshark VPN, which is now on sale on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas. With the VPN you will protect yourself, your data and your devices, for a reason it is the favorite VPN of the editors. Do you know what functions a VPN has?

Why choose Surfshark?

His two-year plan is a very good bet for the future. Among its main functions and features, it stands out for a very special one that not all VPN services comply with: the no-log policy. This means that the company does not collect or save any information related to users, not even personal or browsing data, which is an extra privacy when the user browses in incognito mode or is doing activities in the most absolute Privacy & Security. There will be no record of what we do. As if that were not enough, it has the validation of the independent audit Heal 53which gives even greater prestige and quality to the service.

If VPNs stand out for something, it is for letting us consume streaming content from countries other than our own. Once the VPN is connected to another country, we will bypass the regional block, so it is as easy as connecting and enjoying the content of any country, whether it is Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, DAZN, HBO or any other similar service . If what you want is to enjoy it on a Smart TV, it will be as easy as configuring it on the router so that it redirects the internet from television to the VPN, and thus you can access content from any country.

surf shark

The security is the pillar of Surfshark . First of all, you will have access to a antivirus of the brand, as well as a incognito mode which is really that: it does not save any information, nor cookies, nor is there a record anywhere of what you do. You will also have access to security alerts, which will notify you if your data has been leaked somewhere on the Internet. And it’s cross-platform, so you can enjoy Surfshark on both Windows and Android.

Finally, they have improved their connection, going from a bandwidth of 1Gbps to 10Gbps so that you browse at practically the same speed as you would without the VPN connected.

Christmas offer

In the price section, the offer consists of a discount of nothing more and nothing less than 83%, which means 3 free months of subscription. The pack is for two years, so with those three free months, you will pay €1.93 per month. It is a unique offer to maintain privacy and security online with one of the best VPNs on the market today. Do not hesitate and click on the button below to access the offer!

Access the Christmas offer here