On January 1, 2023, the gasoline subsidy ends: so you can continue saving

cheap gas stations

As the government announced a few days ago, and confirming previous rumors, on January 1, the subsidy of 20 cents per liter for both gasoline and diesel will end. Since this subsidy was applied last April, the price of fuel has dropped considerably, although it is still much more expensive than a year ago. The end of this subsidy does not mean that we cannot continue saving when it comes to refueling our vehicle as long as we get used to visiting the following websites before going out to refuel to find the cheapest gas station.

Low cost gas stations have become, for years, the best option when it comes to refueling our vehicle, self-service and prepaid gas stations that allow them to save costs and offer a much more adjusted price than the usual big gas stations. like Repsol, BP and others.

google maps

Google Maps is and will continue to be in the future the best application to obtain information on how to get to any place and everything that we can find along the way, be it accidents, traffic, gas stations, rest points, toll booths, shops , restaurants among others. Being an application that many users use to reach their destination, obviously it could not fail to offer us information on the cheapest gas stations in our area. We can also use the Google search engine with the text “cheap gas stations” without the quotes so that, based on our location, a list of the closest gas stations is displayed along with their corresponding price.


The Organization of Consumers and Users, better known as the OCU, makes available to us this website a website where we can find, based on our location, a list of gas stations cheapest in our area and where both the price per liter of gasoline and diesel is shown, as well as the money that we can save when filling the tank.

my fuel

with the web my fuel We can find the price of all the gas stations in our environment based on the municipality or zip code where we are, although we can also enable the search based on our location. This website shows us the information of the price of gasoline and diesel along with when the prices were last updated and the maximum savings we can find by comparing the most expensive gas station with the cheapest. The prices are updated daily at night, which is when they change, so we will always find the real prices at all times.

best gas station

Another interesting option that we have at our disposal to find cheap fuel prices, we find it on the web best gas station. As its name describes, on this website we can find the price of the gas stations closest to our location depending on the type of fuel we need. In addition, the last time you the price was updatedthe address, driving directions and opening and closing hours or if it is open 24 hours a day.

Repsol maintains the discount

During the first 3 months of the year, Repsol has announced that will continue to offer a discount similar to the one we have been enjoying since April, but, for just 10 euro cents per liter. This discount is only applicable for users who pay through the Waylet app.