Only €18! This Amazfit smartband with a 15-day battery is very top

amazfit band 5 deal

One of the accessories for our mobile that has become more than just a fashion are the smart band. Despite the fact that at first they were conceived as a fundamental complement to carry out sports activities, it is currently used by all types of users. Today we are going to talk about a smart bracelet from the popular brand Amazfitthe best seller on Amazon, and is available at a spectacular price.

Specifically today we are going to talk about the Amazfit Band 5, an activity bracelet with which we can control our health and the sports activity that we are doing. It is one of the best-selling smartbands, especially now that its price has plummeted . Keep reading that we tell you everything about its qualities and how to get it for just €18. A real bargain!

AMOLED screen, great battery and compatible with Alexa

We are talking about a smart bracelet that has a screen of 1.1 inches with type panel AMOLED with which to obtain a broader and clearer viewing experience. We will be able to customize this screen to our liking, since it has more than 45 spheres that we can download from your application. Likewise, it is also possible to choose an image or our own photo as the watch face.

Another of its key points is autonomy, since it incorporates a battery that will allow us to a use of up to 15 days on a single charge. It also has tracking 11 sports, so that it can withstand our daily activities, and given its resistance to water up to 5 ATM, we will be able to record all our swimming data. It will provide us with a complete report with data such as distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories consumed and other training data. Furthermore, it is Alexa-compatible.

The Amazfit Band 5 also allows us control our stress level and get suggestions to reduce it. This wristband is equipped with Huami’s patented BioTrackerTM 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor for high-precision monitoring of the heart rate for the whole day. In addition, it is responsible for analyzing the sleep quality and even track a woman’s menstrual cycles and ovulation periods.

smart band Amazfit Band 5

Finally, it should be noted that since its Huami-PAI free app We will be able to visualize all the data on heart rate, daily activities and other health statistics, so that we can understand the results of our daily exercise and our overall health, all in a more concise and precise way.

Take the Amazfit Band 5 at its minimum price

As we have been able to verify, the Amazfit Band 5 is a very complete, comfortable and light smartband perfect for doing in our day to day. It will help us with everything related to our health and training, and best of all, its price is currently crazy.

Boy using the Amazfit Band 5

And it is that although its retail price is €44.90, as stated on its official website, it is possible to buy it much cheaper. And it is that on Amazon it is available today at only €21.95, which is already 51% cheaper. But it is also that we have a coupon for an additional 15% discount what makes you stay in only €18. Do not miss it!