Only with a PC can you play GTA V with GTA VI graphics

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One of the best things that PC games have compared to console games are mods. These not only add new options to the games, but some are real facelifts. As is the case with Natural Vision Evolveda gta v mod that gives a graphic level to the game that makes it look like another generation.

It’s been over a decade since the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto and we’re still waiting for the sixth. However, Rockstar seems to be in no hurry, as their game is still in the limelight thanks to its online mode. Not surprisingly, we just have to see the large number of people still playing and RolePlaying on certain streaming platforms. Of course, we cannot forget the recent “remaster” on new generation consoles, which has been disappointing to say the least, at least visually.

GTA V with infarct graphics with this mod

At the moment Natural Vision Evolved only works with the single player version of the game and therefore, you will not be able to use it with GTA Online. However, the improvement in visual quality is impressive. Of course, it is a Work in Progress, so it is not completely finished and has yet to receive improvements to reach its final state.

What these modifications mainly do is replace things like the 3D models of the different models of the game, the textures of the game and the shader programs to give them a better visual treatment. Apart from adding code on the graphics engine and expanding the visual capabilities that it can provide. In other words, it is almost a reinvention and in the case of this mod we can see how the lighting of the game has been totally reprogrammed, with impressive scenes like the ones you see in the video.

So you are interested in enjoying the single player mode of GTA V again, but this time with spectacular graphics or simply making your graphics card get the best of itself in order to show your friends the technical superiority of the PC over to the consoles with the best version of the game, then you only have to install this peculiar mod. Meanwhile we are waiting for the final version for the full game.

How can I install it?

Well, for this you will have to pay a little money, since Jamal, the creator of NaturalVision Evolved for GTA V and mods for other gamesmakes it available through your private patreon . So you will have to sponsor him to get everything you need, as well as the installation instructions. In addition, you can also find improvements for Red Dead Redemption 2. There is no doubt that these types of additions are one of the best things we can enjoy about PC games and they are always welcome when they allow us to take advantage of the hardware in this way.