Oppo A16s, a mobile that meets everything for less than 200 euros

If you are looking for a basic mobile phone, the Oppo A16s is a mobile for less than 200 euros that we can get with the different operators or free. An ideal smartphone for those looking for something cheap but that complies. With triple camera and artificial intelligence and with an elegant design.

Is the Oppo A16s worth it? we see their featuresspecifications and everything you need to know… Opinions, prices, offers and what is the best and the worst of this entry-level mobile phone.

Basic Description

The Oppo A16s is a basic phone but it delivers in all respects. With a triple camera with AI, with autonomy for a day of active use without any problem, with NFC for mobile payments… Although mainly focused on marketing with operators, we can choose to buy it free or in installments as we want. A mobile for less than 200 euros thate we can have if we look for something sufficient for the day to day but without it shining in any section, without having “the best mobile” in our hands.

The Oppo A16s has a 6.5-inch HD+ LCD screen with a 1600 x 720 resolution. Inside, the phone works with a MKT Helio chip with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage that we can expand with micro SD card up to 256 GB if we are worried about running out of space.

In addition, a 5,000 mAh battery with a 10W fast charge and all the security options: side fingerprint and face unlock. It runs on ColorOS 11.1 based on Android and includes headphone jack port so that we can use classic helmets without the need to use Bluetooth.

oppo cameras

The best and the worst

The main advantage or quality of the Oppo A16s is its price. It is an affordable phone that meets in all aspects, in which we are not going to miss anything. A sufficient camera for day to day if you don’t want to take professional photos, more than enough for your photos of your cat, your grandson. In addition, another advantage over the other Oppo phone in the A16 family is that this model includes NFC. An essential connectivity today if we want to use the mobile phone to make payments in establishments from the phone.

It is a phone with many shortcomings, but we must bear in mind that it is still a mobile for less than 200 euros and that we can get much cheaper with operators. We won’t get good shots at night and it is where we will find more shortcomings: the mobile phone camera complies with good lighting but at night the results are very improvable and it will be difficult for us to get a good image in these conditions.

Oppo A16

Price range

An affordable mobile phone, for less than 200 euros if we are looking for a cheap and complete mobile. On its website we can find it for 189 euros at its two colors, in blue or in blackand we can temporarily find some offers that allow us to get the phone at a discount for a price of approximately 179 euros …

If we take a look at Amazon we can find it for 179 euros. If we see in camelcamelcamelthe Amazon comparator, we can see that price difference over time It has been practically non-existent and the phone always remains at a price of 189 euros.


Yes we can get it by paying deadlines. From the official page of Oppo in Spain we can choose to pay in installments instead of in cash. We can divide it into three payments of 59.66 euros per month or we can divide it into four, six or twelve installments from 15.91 euros per month…

In which operators can it be obtained

We can get the Oppo A16s with different operators whether we choose to pay it in installments or if we choose to pay it in cash. We can have the mobile phone with Vodafone, for example, or get it with Orange.

Vodafone offers us the Oppo A16s with 64 GB for a price of 71 euros in cash with portability or we can get it in installments in 24 or 36 months with a price from 1.50 euros per month with 17.64 euros of initial payment. The operator also offers us the possibility of obtaining it by having a new number with Vodafone, with a price of about four euros per month in installments for 24 months and with an initial payment of 79 euros…

Oppo Vodafonein Orange we can also get oppo mobile phone for less than 190 euros. In cash without a fee we can have the Oppo A16s for 185 euros but also in installments. With a rate we can get it in 24 installments from 1.50 euros per month with 0 euros of initial payment, so the mobile could cost us around 35 euros per month approximately.

Oppo A16s Orange

if you want to get it with Movistar We can have the Oppo A16s from 189 euros in stock and with cash payment if you are a customer or if you are not. But we can also finance the phone in up to 24 different installments and from 8.98 euros per month or we can have it in three installments with a price of 63 euros in each one of them to pay it in installments and with 0 euros of interest.

Oppo Movistar

Technical data

Weight 190g light and manageable
Screen 6.5” Waterdrop LCD screen With elegant 3D design
Resolution 1600X720 HD+
Operating system Color OS 11.1 Based on Android 11
Processor MKT Helio G35 input range
RAM 4 GB of RAM Enough for games and apps
Storage 64GB of storage Expandable with microSD
Drums 5000mAh With 10W load
main chamber 13 megapixels with f/2.2 with auto focus
secondary camera 2 megapixels with f/2.4 aperture for better depth
third sensor 2 megapixels with f/2.4 Macro sensor for details
Frontal camera 8 megapixels With selfie mode
connectivity NFC,Bluetooth 5.0 without 5G
ports USB 2.0 Type C / Dual Nano SIM With 3.5mm headphone port
Security Fingerprint sensor, face unlock all security

ADSLZone review

We do not always seek to buy the best phone by investing 800 or 900 euros in it. It may be that a more affordable smartphone is enough for you, an entry-level mobile for all those who say “I want a normal mobile” or who are not looking for great specifications. If you are not going to play or open demanding games, the Oppo A16s is a good phone. If you don’t need the best camera to take photos at night, it’s a good phone. It is a mobile that complies. That you can recommend it to your mother-in-law or your little brother. A good phone for older people who are looking for something basic without being obsolete or excessively slow, but also if you are looking for a mobile for a child or teenager who is going to have their first phone.

In addition, its battery complies and allows us to play video for more than twenty hours or allows up to seven or eight hours of play without any problem. Something that we always look for when we want an affordable mobile and that almost always worries us: that we do not run out of battery continuously.

User opinion

All users agree that It is a phone that meets the basic functions, with a battery that lasts all day and that allows us to use it without complications if we are not looking for the best features or the best camera on the market…

Álvaro GH in a comment on Amazon in March 2022 explains:

“I needed a mobile phone to call, perform basic functions and, above all, have a battery that would last all day without problems. This mobile perfectly fulfills the functions and at a more than reasonable price. I love this brand because the quality it offers along with its price is the best”

Jinmao also weighs in on the phone in a comment dated May 4, 2022:

“It was a change of mobile for my mother, and I did it for her in advance of Mother’s Day, and she loved it. Thank you OPPO”

Similar mobiles

And if you want another one, what are some of the phones similar to the Oppo A16s? Some of the alternative phones that we can buy if we are looking for something in this price range, a good and complete mobile for less than 200 euros.

  • Redmi 9C

The Redmi 9C It is another of the cheap mobiles that we can buy as an alternative to the Oppo A16s. An ideal smartphone for those who want something attractive and striking that meets the basics, that allows us to use a phone to connect to the Internet, send WhatsApp messages, take photos… The Redmi 9C stands out for its colorful design and many storage options according to we need: from 3 GB with 2 GB of RAM to 128 GB with 4 GB of RAM. Also, a phone with HD+ screen and with a 5,000 mAh battery with 10W charging. Basic and ideal for teenagers who have their first mobile phone.

  • Realme C21

The Realme marac also offers us the Realme C21 for less than 120 euros with a triple camera and basic but sufficient benefits. A triple camera with AI with 13 megapixels, a large 5000 mAh battery, a slot for three cards (we can use Dual SIM or expand with microSD) An ideal phone for those looking for something cheap and with a long-lasting battery compatible with reverse charging. In addition, with the great advantage of being compatible with SD.

  • Galaxy A13

Samsung has its Samsung Galaxy A13 for a price similar to the previous ones and as an alternative to the Oppo A16s. With a price of around 179 euros approximately and a phone focused on young people, for teenagers. With four camera sensors and 50-megapixel main camera as well as selfie modes on its front camera. And one of its strengths is that the phone promises to have a battery with autonomy for two days.

Frequent questions

What are some of the doubts we may have before buying the Oppo A16s? What should we consider? What are the frequently asked questions about the phone and what you may want to know before you have it.

  • Does it include safety glass?

Yes, the brand explains in a comment on Amazon that all Oppo brand mobile phones include tempered glass placed already on the screen so we don’t have to add a new one or buy it separately.

  • How long does the battery last?

The phone’s battery is 5,000 mAh and allows us to have up to around 21 hours of playback Of video. It also includes modes such as energy saving mode or super night standby mode that reduce energy consumption and give us a few extra hours of autonomy.

  • What versions is it available in?

We can have the Oppo A16s in black and blue but there is only one memory and storage version, we will not be able to choose.