Pages and applications to download free ringtones for Android

Mobile telephony is advancing by leaps and boundsSo much so that there are many models with a great processor, RAM memory above 8 GB and large internal storage. In many aspects a smartphone differs from another in the personalization of them, this is the responsibility of the user.

Many things have changed over time, including putting a background on the phone or customizing the ringtones as we please. Polyphonic tones have given way to musical tonesall this without having to make any kind of outlay on the operator or an Internet service.

At the moment you have many options when it comes to downloading free ringtones for Android, either in one of the many pages that post sounds, another option is to get hold of applications. Thanks to them, the phone can customize any type of audio, that of the call, messages, among others.

How to choose a ringtone on Android

tone choose

When it comes to customizing the ringtone, the user is the one who decides whether to put one or the other, although by default the manufacturer of the mobile device usually puts one. Sometimes it is usually the same as someone else’s, so it is best to put one that is different and apart from what we like.

To select one on our Android phonedo the following in the device settings:

  • Go to “Phone settings”
  • Look for the option that says “Sound and vibration”, this may vary depending on the phone
  • Now will show you an option that usually says “Ringtone”click on it
  • Now after pressing, find the one that says «Music on the device» (this may vary), now find one of the different ones available and click on it to apply the changes
  • Once selected, you will have the ringtone, you can even choose a song from the folder called “Music”



A page that over time has established itself as one of the best options when it comes to downloading free ringtones for Android is Yotones. In it you can find all kinds of tones, both old-fashioned and modern, with small fragments of the most listened to songs.

The web shows three categories once you enter, in it you can see the one that says «Latest ringtones», here will be the ones uploaded by the administrator, «The best ringtones», this one shows the most downloaded so far, while the last one shows «Popular ringtones», similar to the previous one.

To download any tone, click on one and it will load the theme, to download it you have to click on the image that says «Download» and you will get a 5-second counter, then click on “Download MP3” and wait for it to download. It usually weighs relatively little, so you won’t have to wait too long.

MP3 ringtones

Mp3 Ringtones

It is another site similar to the previous one, In addition, the official sounds of the manufacturers are included., among which are Samsung, Oppo and Motorola. In addition, you can download other well-known tones from series, movies and well-known songs, although it is worth mentioning that others are not so well known.

It has thousands of free ringtones for Android devices, are downloaded directly and without waiting time between tone and tone. The good thing is being able to find ringtones of all types in the categories, ranging from classics to other mythical ones, among which Nokia appears.



One of the best applications to download free ringtones on Android is Audiko. The interface shows what we want to see, the tones can be downloaded and applied quickly. It has the highest ranking base of all the apps, so it is recommended if you want to have the best sound.

Audiko integrates its own editor, with the option of being able to recompose the track if you want, raise or lower the volume and other features. What’s more, the application allows you to make a personalized full ringtone if you want itthis makes it one of the best valued at the moment.

Audiko Ringtones for Android PRO (Free, Google Play) →



It is another of the free ringtone apps for Android devices and iOS, one of the most famous for having been installed on a total of more than 150 million phones. Zedge incorporates more than millions of tones into the database, including classics, series, movies, as well as other categories that make it compete against Audiko.

Among its options, it will allow you to choose ringtones, phone messages, applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp and complete customization of notifications. Zedge has been evolving over timeit shows a cover in the known tones, while in the others it shows a normal preview.

ZEDGE™ Ringtones and Wallpapers (Free, Google Play) →

Free Ringtones App

free ringtones app

When it comes to customization, it is one of the tools that best suits to all kinds of needy, including in that of screen themes. The app has a musical base considered the best times, where you will find tones of your favorite artists.

The interface is clear and simple, it will let you preview the themes and choose them as a track for ringtones, message tone and notifications. Free Ringtones App does not require prior registrationonce you access you will be able to browse among the thousands of tracks available in the application.

Ringtones for mobile (Free, Google Play) →

Popular Ringtones

music tones

Highlight in the Play Store for having in the database ringtones of the most popular, each of them downloadable by the user. The application incorporates more than 1,000 different tones, so you will be able to choose from many that you will see when you open the app installed on your phone.

It’s one of the simplest, but it shows what we want to see, the tones to download and some relevant information about each of them. In the database it has many known themes of 2021 and 2022. You can customize the sounds of messages, notifications and create ringtones from scratch.

Ringtones and Music Sounds (Free, Google Play) →

ringtones and tones

ringtones and tones

It is known as Notification Sounds, although it is called Ringtones and Tones, to which this well-known application is dedicated. You can download all the tones for your Android device, in addition to editing each one, so that the parts you want are heard and not the main one.

Up to 18 different categories available, including some known as animal tones, fun, classic and others varied. It is very popular, has been downloaded by 5 million people around the world and works on Android 4.4 or later.

Notification Sounds (Free, Google Play) →