Perfect for PC and console: don’t miss out on this Samsung 4K monitor deal

Samsung Odyssey G7 Offer

Having a good screen is essential whether we work with the computer and spend many hours in front of it or if we are going to use it to play and we want to have the best quality. In the market we can find a wide range of brands and models of monitors, screens for all uses. But not all are the same, they will offer us the same quality, nor will we be equally comfortable with them. That is why, if we are looking for a good monitor, that will serve us for everything, we must bet on well-known models, as is the case with this Samsung Odyssey G7.

Next, we are going to see everything that this excellent screen offers us, ideal both for those who work on the PC and those who want to achieve the best performance in games.

Samsung Odyssey G7: a perfect monitor, and at a discount!

Today we can find a very interesting offer in one of the best monitors, quality-price, that we can find in the market. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 4K display It has a pixel density 4 times higher than any other Full HD screen, which translates into greater detail and higher quality.

This screen offers users the best performance on the market, betting on a refresh rate of 144 Hz along with a 1ms response time. Also, thanks to the G-Sync compatibility we can keep the screen panel and the graphics card always synchronized so that we do not have problems or cuts in the image.

In addition to the 4K resolution and its 144 Hz, this monitor mounts a IPS panel which also has HDR400. Thanks to this we will be able to have spectacular colors, as well as depths and total details.

Another aspect that we really like about this monitor is its back lighting. We can activate it so that it has a backlight, of a specific color, or that it changes depending on what comes out on the screen, giving the setup a much more immersive touch. And, if we want, we can activate a mode called «Ultrawide GameView» which allows us to adjust the screen to a 21:9 ratio to have a greater viewing angle.

The connections that mount this screen are:

  • USB port. Useful, above all, to charge or power other devices.
  • 2 HDMI 2.1. Through this port we get 4K resolution with 120 Hz, perfect for consoles.
  • 1 DisplayPort 1.4. Recommended port, being able to achieve 4K resolution with its maximum 144 Hz.
  • Headphone output.
  • Audio input for the PC (although it does not have built-in speakers).

This screen, normally, has a price of around 700 euros. However, for a limited time, we can find it with PCComponentes reduced by 22%, so we are going to be able to get hold of it for only 544.83 euros. With free shipping, too.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is not sold directly by PCComponentes, but by an external vendor. Although, yes, we will have both free shipping and the possibility of returning the product if it does not suit our needs.

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