Power and good graphics: this PC is a gem, and it has dropped €200

HP is one of the leading brands in the computer industry. desktop computers, and also on laptops. stands for quality, durability and components that are 100% reliable. And this PC gamer is good proof of this, since it doesn’t lack a single detail. Read on, because it’s lowered!

It is well known that there is nothing like a good desktop PC to be able to play for hours. Yes, it is true that there are laptops gamers that they can totally do the trick, but there is nothing like a desktop. The reason is simple: it has more space to fit better components. This is something that you will notice in the processor, in the RAM and, above all, in the graph. Because it is rare to find a laptop with a graphics that equals a PC.

The model we bring today is the HP Victus 15L TG02-0054ns And it’s a real beast! You won’t ever feel like it falls short, regardless of what you want to do with it. and will bear Any game, even the heaviest ones, because it is specifically designed for that. Take advantage, because right now it has dropped from price and you will be able to get it cheaper than ever.

A perfect PC for the most demanding

Of course, we must begin by pointing out that the processor hiding inside is an Intel Core i5-12400F. That is, it is part of latest generation, something that you will notice from the first moment. It has a base frequency of 2.5 GHz, and is capable of reaching up to 4.4 GHz thanks to Intel Turbo Boost technology. Likewise, it has 18 MB of L3 cache, 12 cores and 12 threads.

Refering to Storage capacity, this is not scarce. It has 512 GB SSD, ideal for you to download all the games you want. In addition, it has a 16 GB RAM memory, with which you will notice the fluidity in absolutely all the tasks that you want to carry out. The fact that it is able to handle so powerfully even games will make you can too work with he. Because there will be no program that can resist it either. and has a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, with a dedicated 8 GB GDDR6.

Aesthetically it is not something that we can call gamer, although this can become a positive point. Because it implies that you will be able to make it go unnoticed even in somewhat more sober spaces. If you want your PC not to attract attention due to its colors and you want to keep your office a bit more ElegantIs the best option!

You won’t be able to ask for anything more!

In addition to everything that we have already pointed out, you should know that your connectivity it’s very good. It has an Ethernet port, WiFi connection and also Bluetooth. And of course a lot of ports added and varied so that you can connect all the devices you need without problems.

Have you fallen in love with this HP PC? In that case, run for him! Its price usually remains at approximately €1,100, but right now it has fallen to €899.