Premiere Pro controller for Switch with this offer of just over 20 euros

ECHTPower switch control

If you usually play a lot in TV mode with your Nintendo Switch, you will know that there is nothing more comfortable than having a gamepad to be able to play properly in front of the TV. The Joy-cons are quite awkward when fused with the controller adapter, so if you’re looking for a gamepad that you can play with in peace, this could be the deal you’ve been looking for.

A Pro gamepad for Nintendo Switch

In the market we are going to find many solutions for Nintendo Switch, but this one that we come across today is especially striking for its excellent price and its functions. Made by ECHTPowerthis controller offers practically everything we find in the controller Pro Controller Nintendo Switch official.

With an integrated 6-axis gyroscope, we can make movements by turning the control, and can also enjoy a system of double vibration that we can adjust in 4 intensity levels.

You won’t have to get up from the couch

One of the most striking features of this model is that the control is support console sleep function, so we can turn it on from the controller without having to get up and press the power button. This is something that many models on the market do not offer, and it is precisely a function highly demanded by those who play on TV and have the console placed in a remote place.

With several programmable buttons

ECHTPower switch control

Another advantage offered by this command is that it has programmable buttons in the lower area, so we can define their functions (or deactivate them) to have direct accesses that allow us to react earlier in the games.

But if you want speed, the turbo mode It will allow you to configure extremely fast repetition times of presses, so you will be able to gain an advantage when shooting or pressing certain buttons.

An offer that will disappear

ECHTPower switch control

This offer published on Amazon has its hours counted, since it is a flash offer that only has a few hours left to live. With this promotion, you can get the ECHTPower controller for only 23.83 euros (a 32% discount compared to its official price), so it seems like a fantastic opportunity to get a wireless controller for your Nintendo Switch.

Let’s remember that it includes such key functions as the gyroscope and the possibility of turning on the console remotely, so it is very possible that you will not find anything better with a lower price.

This offer has been selected by the editorial team of El Output. At no time has it been offered to us as an advertising proposal, and the only thing that is included is a link that is part of the Amazon affiliate program, for which we receive a small compensation for each sale made. We know that playing with Joy-cons is a pain, so we couldn’t help but recommend this purchase.