Protect your children on Netflix, use these three functions to block certain movies and series

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Right now we have multiple options when choosing the video streaming platform that interests us the most. Once this selection is made, all we have to do is pay the corresponding subscription and start enjoying its contents, as for example happens with Netflix.

When selecting one proposal or another, several parameters come into play that we must take into consideration. Here we find ourselves in the first place with the price of the subscription that we will have to pay monthly. It is also important to take into account the simultaneous screens that we can use based on that price, and of course the available content. As I’m sure many of you already know first-hand, Netflix is ​​one of the streaming video platforms most popular and used.

It puts at our disposal a wide catalog of movies, series and documentaries that we probably won’t get tired of. In addition, and as usual in this type of online services, from time to time new content arrives and others are deleted. However, we must bear in mind that if we have children at home and they go to watch Netflix, there are certain titles that are a bit risqué and are not recommended for children.

Precisely for this reason, the platform itself offers us up to 3 functions included in the account to be able to restrict access to certain content. This will allow us to prevent children from accessing those titles that are not considered suitable for certain ages. Next, we will show you how you can set up This access restriction on the platform of the big N.

Prevent children from accessing certain Netflix titles

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we will do is create several profiles in order to treat each of them individually. For example, the best thing to do if we have a minor at home is to create one for him. Next, and to carry out the restrictions that we seek in this case, we can access our Netflix account through your web version , for instance. At that moment we can access the option called Bill through the platform menu that we access from the upper right corner.

In the new screen that appears we will have to locate the section that says Parental profile and control, so we only have to select the child’s profile. Now a series of control options for that specific profile will appear. The one that interests us in this case is the so-called Display Restrictions. This is precisely where we are going to meet the 3 independent functions that will allow us to configure to the maximum the blocking of certain contents for that user.

On the one hand, at the top of the screen we find a sliding bar that allows us to set the age of the titles allowed for this profile. In this way, those movies and series considered for people over a certain age will not be shown for this user. Similarly we have a selector that we can mark so that only those contents classified as children can be seen here. This will not be useful for the little ones.

And maybe one of functions The most interesting thing here is that we will have the possibility of establishing specific titles that we do not want to appear in this profile.