PS VR2: Sony answers many of the questions about the PS5 virtual reality glasses

There are only 2 weeks left for PS5 players to finally be able to make the leap to virtual reality that they are waiting for so much, so taking advantage of the fact that there is less and less left for its launch, PlayStation has wanted to answer many of the doubts that still existed around to the new virtual reality glasses. Still had doubts? Here are the answers.

How much are they worth and when can they be purchased?

The PS VR2 will hit stores for 599.99 euros on February 22. You can buy the glasses, or the pack with Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Is there much difference between PS VR?

This is like asking if there is a difference between PS4 and PS5. The new glasses offer HDR content, and the resolution per eye is much higher, being 2,000 x 2,040 pixels. In addition, the helmet itself has a vibration system, and infrared sensors are responsible for detecting where we are looking.

How long is the USB-C cable?

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The headset connects to the PS5 via a single USB-C cable. The included cable is 4.5 meters long.

What space do I need to play?

A space of 2 x 2 meters is needed to play with the viewfinder while we move, although if you play in the sitting or standing mode to only move your arms, 1 x 1 meter will suffice.

Can other players see what I’m seeing?

The Social Screen mode will take care of showing on the TV screen what we are seeing through the viewer, although it will do so in 2D, so that it can be displayed correctly on the screen.

Do you need an external camera?

PlayStation VR2, games available on launch day

The novelty of the PS VR2 is that it already has integrated cameras to control the entire environment, so no external camera is needed as was the case in the first generation of PS VR.

Even so, it is possible to use the PS5 HD camera to record ourselves as we move around the room or to broadcast live.

Can I wear prescription glasses while we play?

Yes, the visor has enough space to hold our prescription glasses, however, depending on their design, some models may be too tight or may not fit at all.

Can I use wired headphones?

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Yes, the glasses have a headphone output so you can connect non-wireless ones.

Can the old PS Move controllers be used on the new PS VR2?

No, only the new PS VR2 Sense controllers can be paired and used with the new PS VR2 controllers.

Can the controllers be purchased separately?

At the moment there will be no option. Controllers are only available with the goggles, so if you split one, you’ll need to purchase a new goggle. This will obviously have a solution soon.

Can I play PS VR games on the new PS VR2?

No, your PS VR library will not be compatible with the new glasses, however, there will be a possibility that depends on the developers. Many have announced a free update and other paid ones that will allow you to download the game again to make it compatible with the new glasses.

It is about something like remastered versions that make the most of the benefits of the new glasses. If a game has not released this update, it will not be supported. Gran Turismo 7, for example, will have a free update.

Is there a physical version of the PS VR2 games?

At the moment there will only be digital downloads, and later, physical versions of some games will appear.

Do you need a TV to play with the PS VR2?

You’ll need a TV the first time you set up a PS VR2, from then on you can skip the TV and always play on the headset.

How many PS VR2 glasses can be connected to a PS5?

The PS5 is capable of controlling a set of PS VR2 headsets, so there’s no chance for two players to play VR locally. Only one viewer per console.