Put an end to blurry subtitles on YouTube videos

youtube videos

When it comes to playing streaming videos through our computer, we have a multitude of services and platforms, some paid and others free. Surely many of you know or even visit daily Youtubeone of the most used websites of this type in the entire globe.

Here we find all kinds of content belonging to the hundreds of millions of users who publish their own videos. The truth is that on YouTube we have the possibility of finding all kinds of contents and themes as long as they comply with the platform’s use policies. What’s more, we can affirm that all this does not stop growing minute by minute thanks to the content creators who continue to upload their projects.

A few years ago this platform was acquired by the giant Google and since then it has not stopped improving it so that our experience is as pleasant as possible. All this through certain functions and features that are being implemented. In this way we will have the possibility, not only to view these videos at the highest possible quality, but also to save channels, configure the player and much more. It must be taken into account that in most of the content published here we have the possibility of activating a subtitle function.

This allows us to consume audiovisual content in languages ​​that we do not understand a priori, so these attached texts become very important elements. We must bear in mind that what we reproduce on YouTube can come from practically any country on the globe. Many even use these subtitles to learn other languages ​​in a more entertaining way.

Set up and better view subtitles on YouTube

But the truth is that they do not always look as good as we would like at first. Surely on many occasions you have experienced the unpleasant situation that these texts they look blurry or not distinguishable from the image. It may also be the case that your situation in the screen or its size is not the most appropriate. All this means that its use and reading become uncomfortable, or practically impossible.

That is precisely why the platform offers us some interesting functions to customize the use of these important elements. Let’s see how we can take advantage of this feature integrated into the YouTube website. Therefore, in the event that the video in question has integrated subtitleslet’s see how we have the possibility of customizing them.

In principle we only have to click on the configuration button that is shaped like a cogwheel in the YouTube web player. Next, we click on the option called Subtitles, and in the small window that opens we find a link that says Options.

Precisely at that moment, a translucent window will appear on the screen with a multitude of customizable parameters to configure these text elements. The best we can do here is to test between several of these changes in order to adapt the subtitles to our needs. Among the changes that we can carry out here we find the possibility of modifying its background color, its opacity, the size of the fountainthe font as such, or the text color.