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The data has been obtained by way of the knowledge in the BIOS of some fashions of the RX 6800 XT, whose code has revealed extra details about the totally different working modes of the brand new technology of AMD playing cards, together with the introduced Rage Mode. .

The Rage Mode of the RX 6000


Rage Mode is the industrial identify given by AMD to the automated overclock that may be activated in the RX 6000 by way of the management panel of the Radeon.

To perceive its operation, we now have to start out from the idea that the clock pace what a chip can attain is determined by the voltage required to achieve that clock pace and not all chips go away the manufacturing unit the identical. Some will attain normal pace with a sure voltage and others with a decrease voltage.

The thought of Rage Mode it’s based mostly on that some chips that go away the manufacturing unit help greater voltages than others, which permits them attain greater speeds. But not for a sustained time period, that is the place a know-how that AMD informed us about a number of months in the past comes in, which saves them from having to check all of the variants of every chip and classify these based on the clock pace they attain. .

Rage Mode and its relationship with the AMD SmartShift


Peak clock speeds can’t be sustained for lengthy with out impairing GPU lifespan, so these clock speeds usually are not reached repeatedly however at sporadic moments, which signifies that at sure instances the GPU improve its clock pace and then lower it quickly.

Actually, the Rage Mode in RDNA 2 is feasible because of the identical mechanism that makes use of the SmartShift that Sony has licensed to AMD for its PlayStation 5 and that some fashions of the RX 5700 for notebooks have already got integrated.

AMD Smarshift Render

The GPU clock pace is managed by a unit known as SMU, System Management Unit, which is in cost of regulate GPU clock pace from a collection of data such because the fan pace, the temperature of the chip, the extent of exercise of the reminiscence interface, and many others.

Although the SmartShift was offered by AMD relating to the collaboration between CPU and GPU, in order to regulate the pace based on a shared energy provide, the SMU can be discovered in its CPUs and GPUs alone and is chargeable for adjusting in time. precise processor clock pace following sure outlined parameters.

Rage Mode

From some purposes it’s doable to regulate in which scenario one working mode or one other is activated, sure, the producer at all times recommends particular limits and leaving them by way of unofficial instruments may end up in a lack of the assure, since if we manipulate these values ​​we’re making the graphics card work beneath parameters for which it was not manufactured.

Four modes of operation on the RX 6000

RX 6000 BIOS modes

Through the BIOS code, it has been doable to know that relying on the workload for the GPU, the SMU prompts one of many 4 working modes, that are outlined in the BIOS and are the next:

The shock is that there’s a mode known as Turbo, which is rather a lot extra aggressive than Rage Mode, and subsequently reaches clock speeds greater than Rage Mode, which means that the graphics card that makes use of this mode would require the next consumption.


The RX 6900 XT has a consumption of 300 W, its rivals from NVIDIA attain greater consumption figures akin to 320 W and 350 W, so the query is whether or not AMD has come to think about graphics playing cards able to reaching the next clock pace by way of turbo mode and considerably greater consumption.

Is it doable that in a number of months we’ll see an replace of the RX 6000 or RX 7000 additionally based mostly on RDNA 2? It’s onerous to say, however AMD introduced RDNA three for 2022 so there is a 12 months in between that AMD may launch an replace to the RX 6000.