Razer Headphones 42% Off – The Weekly Sale!

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Since PcComponents They have a very interesting section called the weekly offer. Every week, they launch a different product, always with a very powerful discount. In this case, we are facing incredible Razer headphones that are no more and no less than 42% off. Don’t miss them!

Razer It is one of the most famous brands in the world of video games. Especially for its peripherals, although the truth is that they have articles of all kinds. From keyboards to mice to mouse pads and of course headphones like the ones we have today.

If you were looking for a way to isolate yourself from the world, you need these Hammerhead True Wireless 2. Because its noise cancellation will make everything else unimportant. It will just be you and your game, or you and your music.

Razer Hammerhead 2 Headphones: A Unique Design

One of the key points of Razer devices is their design, specifically thought and designed to break with everything. Its aesthetic is usually associated with black, green and RGB lighting. In the case of these headphones, you will also have the famous lighting Razer ChromaRGB, which offers more than 16.8 million colors. Not only that, but it also brings with it a multitude of effects that you can choose from.

They are specifically designed so that you can play with them as much as you need. That is why they have a low latency mode of 60 ms. If we add to that that they have active noise cancellation technologywe will obtain the key pieces to achieve a unique experience.

ANC, or noise cancellation, is one of the key factors of these devices compared to any other headphones. It allows you to eliminate all kinds of distractions from the environment, canceling everything that does not interest you in the game. It has dual microphones smart devices that are responsible for detecting noise and reducing it as much as possible.

Along with this, it should be noted that these Razer headphones are fully customizable. You can download an application on your smartphone through which you can change colors, remap touch gestures and even customize the equalizer. All this will make you, as a user, feel that they adapt to you more than ever.

42% discount!

In addition to having some amazing specs and having a unique design, they are very ergonomic. In this way, it favors that you can use them for hours and hours without being heavy on your ears. They stay completely inside the ear, making them a great choice for all those looking for headphones of this style. Count on bluetooth 5.2so connectivity will never be a problem.

As for other more technical features, you should know that they have a sensitivity of 91 dB, and a headphone frequency of between 20 and 20,000 Hz. In addition, you can control sound suppression through a button.

As surprising as it sounds, you can get these amazing headphones Razer for only €79.99. Its usual price is usually around €140, but as it is the offer of the week of PcComponentsThey are cheaper than ever!