Reasons why your WiFi does not appear

Wi-Fi not showing up issue

Connecting to wireless networks is something very common in our day to day. We can say that we have Wi-Fi almost anywhere. But of course, sometimes problems can arise and it doesn’t work well or we can’t connect directly. In this article we are going to talk about the main reasons why a Wi-Fi network does not appear when we do a search, even knowing that it should be.

Why is the Wi-Fi network not showing up?

There are different reasons why Wi-Fi doesn’t work well Or it doesn’t show up at all. We are going to see the main ones and give some details about what we should do to solve this problem. Normally we can correct it simply by making small changes.

Too far from the router

The main cause is that we are very far from the router or access point. There is a Wi-Fi available, we know it is there, but it does not reach us simply because the distance is too much or there are obstacles that prevent it. There may even be interference from other devices and that will damage the signal.

You can try moving closer to the router and see if this is how the Wi-Fi network appears. If so, what you should do is try to improve the signal. For example, having repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices that allow the connection to be taken from one place to another and not have problems.

Problem with the device

There may be something wrong with the router. If the Wi-Fi network does not appear even when you get close to the device, it may be due to some mistake that you have to solve Sometimes it happens, although it is not frequent. There may be saturation or for some reason the firmware of the router is not capable of correctly managing the wireless network.

The solution is usually to restart the router. You keep it off for at least half a minute and turn it back on. This way you can see if the wireless network appears again. You could also check that Wi-Fi is not disabled in the settings and that is why it does not appear.

Something wrong with the network card

It could also happen that the problem is with the device with which you are trying to search for the Wi-Fi network. Perhaps the network card does not work well, it has some failure to detect networks and that is why the signal does not arrive. This can happen especially if you use an external card or even if you have outdated drivers.

What you need to do is make sure that you always have the drivers with the latest versions available. In the case of Windows, you can go to Start, enter Device Manager, Network Devices, select the corresponding card and click the second mouse button to hit update driver.

Error in the system

Another cause that can affect the Wi-Fi network is some error in the system. For example, that it is outdated, that there is some malware, some program that may be interfering… You must take all of this into account to find out what the reason may be and that the wireless network reappears.

It is important to have security programs and keep everything updated. This, in addition to improving performance, can correct possible problems to get Wi-Fi to work well.