Renew refrigerator and washing machine with the Worten sales

bosch fridge freezer

Do you need to get a fridge freezer new to your home? Or are you looking for a dishwasher at the best market price? Either way, thanks to Worten it is possible, since they are celebrating days without VAT on household appliances. Do not lose this chance!

The home appliances They are totally essential items in our day to day life but, unfortunately, they are also one of the most expensive to renovate. If you find yourself at that moment where you have to buy a new washing machine, a dishwasher or even a refrigerator, Worten is your salvation right now.

From the store’s website, they have decided to launch a promotion and eliminate VAT of virtually all appliances. Thanks to that, you can save a lot of money with your purchases. So keep reading!

Take advantage of Worten discounts: a refrigerator and much more

Since Range Tops we have carried out a selection of household appliances so you can get hold of them at the best market price. In this way, it will be cheaper than ever to renew all your devices, if you need to do so.

Balay built-in dishwasher with 12 cutlery

We start with this amazing dishwasher Balaytotally integrable, and that draws attention for its energy efficiency. Not only does it have a very interesting price, but it also guarantees you to save on your electricity bill.

Have capacity for 12 cutleryand an incredible power of 2400 W. To this we must add that the maximum noise level that it promises is only 48dB, quite low. And this is always a positive factor to consider! As for the water consumption per cycle, it is only 10.5 liters.

It has different programs, among which you will find one Eco and one Quick. In this way, you can always have your crockery ready for use and consumption. It also has a dosage assistant, a load sensor and an automatic detector of combined detergents.

The price is €437, even though it is usually around €550, so this is a great opportunity!

Bosch Combi Refrigerator: almost €300 off!

Without a doubt, one of the great offers that you are going to find right now is that of this Bosch Combi refrigerator. The first thing you should know is that you have a ability of nothing more and nothing less than 326 liters. Plus, it’s No Frost.


The design is stainless steel, and features a anti-fingerprint coating that will make it much easier to always keep it in the best conditions.

It is a very comfortable refrigerator to use, since it has EasyAccess trays that will make your life much easier. In addition, these have anti-tip safety stops, with which your food will always be protected. To this we must add that the system VitaFresh It will make foods such as vegetables or meat stay fresh much longer.

It has a function called ‘Super’, perfect for before making the purchase, since it will cause the temperature to drop for a short period. This will make your refrigerator ready for you to introduce hot food without any problem.

Although it is a device that is usually around €860, right now you can get it for less than €590.

A washing machine for the whole family

Lastly, we couldn’t let go of the chance to talk about this LG washing machine with a 10.5 kg load. In addition, it has a power of 1400 rpm, perfect for you to always have your clothes clean and ready.

lg washing machine

Having such a load capacity, it is a perfect washing machine for large families. As for the noise, promises that the maximum level that you will support will be 73 dB during the spin. Water consumption is 53 liters for every 100 cycles, while energy consumption is 61 kWh for the same cycles.

Dispose of 14 different programs, thanks to which you can adapt to the needs you have at all times. And it even has a quick program that will allow you to have a laundry ready in just 30 minutes.

We are talking about a high-end device, which is usually around almost €700. However, right now you can get it for less than €500. Take advantage of Worten’s VAT-free days and don’t miss your chance.