Renew your DNI, driver’s license, your studies and much more: this is My Citizen Folder

my government folder

For many people in this country, everything related to paperwork and bureaucracy in various official bodies is a mess. However, the State wants to adapt to the times, taking advantage of the technology that surrounds us, that is precisely where My Citizen Folder was born.

And it is that little by little, either through specific applications or through web pages, in these moments we can carry out a multitude of bureaucratic tasks online. Among other things, this avoids long queues, with the loss of time that this entails. At the same time we can carry out a multitude of official procedures directly from the comfort of home or consult private data. All without having to move to the appropriate places, as in the past.

In addition to the different platforms and applications that we mentioned that focus on certain specific procedures, until now we had another more general one. When we talk about individual procedures, we refer to the driver’s license, the ID, Tax authorities and more. Well, for some time now we could use the web My Citizen Folder . This is a website that the Government makes available to us in order to facilitate all these tasks.

The main advantage that this web version offers us is that we have the possibility of carrying out a multitude of personal procedures such as those mentioned, from a single place. Obviously all these procedures are carried out officially. However, the Government has wanted to go a step further in this process of adaptation to modern times, and now we have a mobile application.

What does My Citizen Folder offer on the mobile

Specifically, we are referring to an app of My Citizen Folder that will allow us to carry out a multitude of queries and procedures, directly from the phone. We refer to software compatible with Google Android systems and iOS from Apple, so we will have no problem installing it. This is something that has been presented just a few hours ago with the aim of improving the current web version that we are commenting on.

My citizen folder
My citizen folder

To give you an idea, thanks to the new app, we can make queries about a large amount of official personal information, all from the mobile. As you can imagine, from here we will have the possibility of controlling a good part of the bureaucracy directly from this device. It must be said that we can register through a digital certificateor using [email protected].

citizen app

As it could not be otherwise, there are several official procedures that we can carry out from this new application that we are commenting on. These are some of the most interesting:

  • We will be able to know the state of the properties of our property or the data corresponding to the register. We can even modify them if we need it.
  • Consult our University degrees and other official conditions.
  • See everything related to the balances of driving license points and the data of our vehicles.
  • We have the possibility to download the Laboral life In a direct way.
  • Access to criminal record certificates and other crimes.
  • Consult data related to a disability and the certificate covid digital.
  • Consult active personal files such as those of the Income.

Of course, we must take into consideration that at the moment there is the My Citizen Folder application for mobile phones that is in a trial period. This means that it still has a lot to improve and in the future it will add many other official statements that we can consult or modify.