Retouch your old photos in seconds with these websites and apps

best apps to edit old photos

If you want to give a new life to your old photos after having scanned them, or you want to give them a more natural, color them, correct imperfections or adapt them to your liking, there are currently several tools with which you can do it for free on the Internet or with applications on your computer or smartphone. There are also some paid ones with professional results that you can try.

Therefore, we are going to comment on some of the best web pages and applications with which you can color your old photos and images with Artificial Intelligence (AI), with innovative technologies that make the task very simple, in seconds or a few minutes.

Websites to colorize your black and white photos

We discuss some of the best tools for coloring and retouch old photos online, without having to download anything, and with very good quality. We must not forget, since despite not being operational it promises to be open source. Since it is no longer available, we will mention others that offer very good results in a short time, although everything will depend on the image you want to retouch.

Colorize Photo

This is a tool through which you can have the control of the coloring process. Therefore, as soon as you access it through the Internet you will find the editing functionality. You can choose the parameters you want to color your photos and give them a more natural look. It even has professional results.

Although you will find a sample when you enter, in Open you can upload the photo you want and on the right you can choose what you want to do with it in terms of color and brightness. You decide how to edit the images and this website will do it for you in no time.

MyHeritage In Color

This tool is the one through which you can load black and white photos or discolored to retouch them and create more realistic and authentic images. With it you can both color and restore colors easily. You just have to load or drag the image and you will see the result. Photos uploaded without completing the registration are automatically deleted, so it is best that you complete the free registration.

The technologies used by the tool were granted under exclusive license by DeOldify and have been created by experts in deep learning. Everything works automatically through technology, which decides whether the image is colored or restored to color. In a maximum period of 10 seconds you will obtain results. Also, you can easily share the results.



This is a tool for edit photos online very practical for this task, with a large number of functions that you can access via the web. With it you can colorize your black and white or old photos with poor image quality.

You just have to upload the photo to do its task, since it will do it automatically thanks to Artificial Intelligence. You can also indicate an already uploaded by typing its address. Once you upload the image, you will see several filters that you need to apply. For black and white coloring gives to Black and White, although there is much more. You will also find other editing tools practices. Everything is very simple and in a short time you will see results.

luna pic

AI Picture Colorize

This web tool will also color your old pictures, perfect for family photos that are many years old, or that do not have enough quality, without you having to spend many hours and efforts on it. You don’t need great editing knowledge either, since this free app without registration or the need to create an account takes care of these functions.

You just have to choose the photo you want to color by clicking on the sample. In addition to going up Upload, you must choose the color factor (12, 15, 18, 20 and 25) and give Colorize. Wait for the image to proceed to see your results. It only remains to download it. Free images are limited by CC BY-NC License, so if you want to use them for commercial purposes you will need to buy credits.

ai picture colorizer

Black magic

Black Magic is an application that you can download for Windows that has the Time Brush RLC technology initially used to color moving images of Hollywood celebrities. Identifies the object color and tone integrated, with correct saturation, brightness and opacity. One of its drawbacks is that it is a paid program, with a cost of 49 to 199 dollars depending on your editing needs.

If you want to try it and take full advantage of its functions, you can do it free for a month. You can color with it photos in black and white, sepia and IR, to correct the color. It is very easy to use and provides great results, perfect for children and adults. It has many very interesting features, which also depend on the contracted plan.

black magic

Software to retouch old images

Beyond the web pages, where you need an Internet connection and you will get good results, you can edit your old photos with some editing program like the one we discuss below. You can try some for free, although there is a payment, while you will also find free solutions for this purpose.


One of the best known and most effective programs for this purpose, easy to use and very powerful, is Photoshop Elements. It stands out for having advanced AI technology for layout, allowing you to make any enhancements you want to your old photos. If it is complex it may not color, but adjustments can be made. You can fine-select elements in some cases and select their color.

The technology that powers its smart features is Adobe Sensei, which enables you to improve the design and delivery of digital experiences with machine learning and AI. His price It is 100.43 euros in a single payment, although you can try it for free beforehand to test its features or to edit some images without having to pay for the best features of the app.

photoshop elements

AKVIS Coloriage

A very complete and professional program for Windows is AKVIS Coloriage. this day color to black and white photos, but you can also convert the images you want to any color or hue you want. The conversion to color in this case is not automatic, but you have to indicate the zones and colors. Thus, they will be more real and to your liking in any type of photo, both landscapes and portraits and many others.

It has many patterns of skin color, trees, vegetation and much more to color with AI. You just have to configure the image to your liking and appreciate the quality shows.


Mobile apps to optimize your old photos

In addition to desktop applications, you can use mobile apps to Android and iOS through which you can optimize your old photos easily anywhere from your smartphone, in addition to being able to do the same from the aforementioned websites. Therefore, we are going to comment on some of these tools that will give you effective, quality results in a short time.

Google PhotoScan

This is a tool I didn’t think to color images, but to scan old photos to later convert them with other tools such as those mentioned above, so it is a good complement to these. Therefore, it is a must mention in this list for having very interesting features for those who want to optimize their old photos.

Its main advantage is related to the automatic optimization whereby scanned images are enhanced, so you get a great digital image that you can still refine. In addition, you can protect your scans using Google Photos. As it is a Google product, you will only find it in the Android app store.

google photoscan


This is a very mobile application familiar and easy to use through which you can make the repairs you need in your photos. You can improve the quality of your image or video, colorize black and white images, fix cracks, paint in different styles and much more. can repair photos blurry, old or pixelated, clean them up or enhance out-of-focus images. You can increase the pixels in photos with low quality.

It is the perfect tool to touch up old photos from your mobile, even Pictures, since it defines the images in the foreground with great quality. You will find it for iOS and Android mobile devices.



Colorize is the tool with which you can coloring pictures using artificial intelligence just by uploading the image so that the program works for you. Then you can download or share it depending on what interests you. Includes a paid version to color without limits, since the free one does it for free with a total of up to 10 photographs.

As far as conversion quality As far as it is concerned, the results are just as reliable as those of other programs to colorize black and white photos, especially if the body to focus on is a face or a person. For places and landscapes, it is best to opt for other more capable alternatives. It is available for Android and iOS.