Run to Worten! This refrigerator has a scandal price

american fridge

with this amazing american fridge from KUNFT it will not happen to you again to run out of space to store all your food. Although it seems incredible, it has a ability of 436 liters. And a discount of more than €200 on Worten!

Whether you have a large family or you are one of those who do the shopping every two weeks, a good-sized refrigerator can be a great alternative. Because the storage It is always an advantage, and being able to store all your food without having space problems is a luxury.

If you find yourself in that situation, we have just the model you need. It’s from the brand KUNFT, and it has specifications that will make you go for it. In addition, he has an incredible discount on Worten right now that will save you over €200.

The ideal American refrigerator for your kitchen

The main characteristic of this type of refrigerator is that it consists of two doors, which makes it much more comfortable to access the content. This also has five shelves inside the refrigerator and another five inside the freezer. That detail will make it possible for you to have the entire interior much more tidy.

Before embarking on the adventure of buying a refrigerator, it is very important that you know the measurements. Especially if we talk about devices like this, larger than usual. In height they are 177 cm, while in width we speak of another 90 cm. As for the bottom, it remains at 59 cm. It is made of stainless steel, which will fit perfectly in any kitchen.

The ability that it has is very high, since in total there are 436 liters. Of these, 291 liters correspond to the refrigerator and 145 liters correspond to the freezer. It will be very difficult for you to run out of storage space considering this data.

As for another detail that you should take into account, it has a touch screen through which you can control all relevant parameters. Both the temperature and the different modes available. It is also not an excessively noisy refrigerator, since it remains at 43 dB. This implies that you will hardly notice that it is connected and working.

Don’t think about it too much!

In addition to the shelves that we have indicated, this American refrigerator has a specific drawer in the refrigerator area and another in the freezer area. Of course you have No Frost technology so you don’t have to deal with possible frost.

The moment this appliance is in your kitchen, you will notice how everything changes. Right now is the perfect time to get hold of it, since Worten has promotions on home appliances. Not only is it 34% off, but it also has the free shipping. And even with the facility at your home!

Although this device used to cost around €800, now you can get it for less than €530. Don’t think about it too much, since the promotion ends in a few days. Or when stock runs out!