Samsung drops its prices! This Neo QLED Smart TV drops €760

samsung has decided to throw the house out the window, and has launched a large number of very juicy offers. Although there is a product that has caught our attention both for the discount As per its specifications, it is this Smart TV Neo QLED. And it is that it has an incredible discount of €760!

As a good Samsung Smart TV, we are talking about a device for high-end. There will be absolutely nothing in its specifications that make you feel like it is missing something, because everything is measured in detail! Both the quality of the screen as the operating system itself, also going through those small details that we do not always take into account.

And is that choosing a new television can be quite a complicated task. Beginning with the size, which is not always easy to find the best for each room, and continuing with the panel type. That’s too many parameters! Because to this we must add the operating system, the sound, the compatibility with different technologies… If you allow us some advice, we believe that it is best to bet on already established brands. Like, for example, Samsung. And the model we have chosen is a great alternative! Keep reading, because we are going to tell you why.

This Smart TV has a discount of €760

Let’s start at the beginning. The television we are talking about is the QN90B Neo QLED TV model of 50 inches, a size that fits inside large TVs without being too big. As the name of the model indicates, it has a Neo QLED panel. Its Mini LEDs will be in charge of reproducing more than 1 billion colorsallowing you to see everything with a great sense of reality.

To this we must add that it has Quantum Matrix Technologyand with Quantum HDR 2000. In this way, it allows both sharpness and brightness and contrast to be incredible. In addition, it has a 4K Neural Processor with AI that makes the image improve automatically.

And it is also a good device when playing video games! because it has Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, as well as a 144 Hz refresh rate, which will allow you to play in a much more fluid way. There will be no game that will ever resist you.

Take advantage of the discount and go for this TV

Are you worried about esthetic of your television? It is normal! We understand that this is an important aspect to take into account, since, after all, it is a large and highly visible device. And that takes center stage in our homes! From Samsung they know it, and that is why they have taken care of every detail. This Smart TV has a unique support in the center, which gives it a look minimalist and very elegant. You will love having it in your living room!

As you may have seen, we are not talking about just any television, but about one of high-end. Its original price is usually around €1,750, but right now and for Limited time you will be able to get it for yourself €989. You will save more than €700! get it in this link and take advantage of this opportunity.